Moroccan Students Manufacture 100% Moroccan Drone

Rabat – Morocco can put away another achievement in their pocket: the construction of the first drone made entirely in the Kingdom. Moroccan students in electricity and mechanics have fabricated this modern and technologically-advanced drone for both civil and military use.PhD students of the National School of Electricity and Mechanics (ENSAM) are the responsible builders of this 100% Moroccan drone of superior technology.The August 3rd edition of the daily Al Akhbar reports all of the details and quotes Hicham Madroumi, Director of ENSAM. “The plane can be used both on the military and civil level. A multi-function aircraft which would also serve to agriculture, in terms of monitoring dams, or to the film industry”, said the Director. Furthermore, Madroumi shared that the drone is equipped with several important computer applications. Interest has grown in the acquisition of the new aircraft. An agreement between ENSAM and the company SAGEM to market the drone was reached. Performance tests will be conducted in September followed by commercialization in June 2016.According to Al Akhbar’s report, research student and coordinator of the research team, Khalid Boukhdir revealed: “The [drone] project started in 2004 theoretically, following a doctorate thesis”. Boukhdir also recalled that the first prototype was manufactured in 2012. Several others were made afterwards.However, the latest drone made in Morocco is unique and cannot be compared to the previous ones. This new one can be guided over 50 kilometers away. Definitely, a Moroccan achievement that will be recorded in history for years to come.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more