Imlil Murders: Trial Postponed for Second Time

Rabat – The Sale Court of Appeal to postpone the trial of the 24 defendants in the Imlil murders case for a second time. The decision was announced on Thursday, May 16. The defendants will now appear before the court on May 30. The trial was postponed in response to a request from the prosecution lawyers, Moroccan television channel 2M reported.The legal team hired by the families of the victims asked for the trial to be postponed, calling on the court to engage the [Moroccan] state as a key party in the case. The defense agreed that the date of the trial should be rescheduled until the appointment of a lawyer representative of the Moroccan state.Moroccan television channel 2M  reported that the lawyers representing the deceased’s families believe that the state “bears responsibility” for what happened to the victims since it should guarantee the security t of foreigners traveling in Morocco.The suspects first appeared before the judge on 2 May, but the trial was postponed to May 16 to give the defense time to prepare.Read Also: Four Suspects in Imlil Murders Face Multiple ChargesSuspects to plead guilty for reduced sentenceBefore today’s court session, the suspects’ lawyer  Hafida El Makssaoui said that the suspects were expected to plead guilty to the crimes of which they are accused. fThe lawyer told Moroccan television channel 2M that today’s session would be a hearing, and the verdict will not be announced. She added that the defense team will ask for a deal, giving the suspects reduced sentences with a guilty plea. The suspects are facing multiple charges.  The list of charges includes using weapons, attempting to manufacture explosives, and plotting activities to undermine national security. The suspects will also face charges of forming a criminal network, and committing terror acts, as well as inflicting intentional harm. The list of the 24 suspects includes one Swiss defendant, and 23 Moroccan suspectsMoroccan police found the bodies of the Scandinavian tourists near Mount Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains on December 17, 2018. The two tourists were beheaded. Police arrested the suspects in less than 48 hours after the murder. read more