Government Urges Fuel Stations to Advertise Prices of All Fuel Types

Rabat – Amid a swirl of controversy about fuel prices in Morocco, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Governance issued a joint statement with relevant ministries that gasoline stations are required to advertise the name of each type of fuel and its price, including taxes.The ministry said that the joint decision was published in the official bulletin of June 21, stipulating that fuel distributors must make the prices, inclusive of taxes, visible to customers through price boards on the roads with access to the distribution station.The joint decision of the ministry of governance and the Ministry of Industry, Investment, Trade, and Digital Economy as well as the Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Sustainable Development aims to ensure transparency to make the selling prices of fuel visible to customers. The statement, quoted by Maghreb Arab Press (MAP), added that the decision aims also at the “generalization of the display of all types and fuels sold in stations, instead of displaying only the two types (Gasoil and Super) as is currently the case.”The joint statement added that a maximum of 10 months has been granted to distribution companies to implement the measure.The statement also urged gas stations to update their prices.The increase of fuel prices in the country has sparked an uproar in Morocco, especially after the launch of the online boycott in April against high commodity prices, which specifically targets Afriquia gas.Anger mounted when the High Commissioner for Planning (HCP) justified the increase of prices due to the international oil market.HCP said that fuel prices continued to rise, reaching MAD 10 per liter at the end of May 2018, compared to MAD 7 at the beginning of 2017.HCP claimed that fuel distributors in the Moroccan market source 100 percent of their fuel from the international market, and importers tend to increase their purchases when prices fall and reduce them when prices rise again.In June, Government Spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi recognized that the cabinet needs to solve the issue of gasoline prices.El Khalfi also promised that the government has been following the issue and studying possibilities to solve it. read more