Egypt’s Suicide Bombings: President Al-Sisi Declares State of Emergency

Rabat – Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has declared a three-month state of emergency following the two suicide bombings in Egypt on Sunday.After the meeting of the national defense council to discuss the bombings, held at the presidential palace, al-Sisi delivered a defiant speech. He stated that the state of emergency would be implemented after all “legal and constitution steps” were taken. The majority of parliament members supported al-Sisi.“A series of steps will be taken, most importantly, the announcement of a state of emergency for three months after legal and constitution steps are taken,” al-Sisi said. Al-Sisi accused countries whose names he didn’t disclose of attempting to cause instability in Egypt. “Egyptians have foiled plots and efforts by countries and fascist, terrorist organizations that try to control Egypt.”Following the the two suicide bombings carried out by so-called the Islamic State (ISIS) Egyptian authorities step up their investigations, making arrests without warrants and searching private homes.The first blast occurred when a bomb exploded near the altar inside St. George’s Coptic Church in Tanta, located approximately 100 kilometers outside of Cairo. The two successive attacks have resulted in the deaths of at least 43 people. Over 130 people were reported injured in both blasts.The leader of the Coptic Church, Pope Tawadros II, was attending mass inside the church when the blast occurred, but he was unhurt.Edited by Constance Renton read more