Market recovering from discovery of BSE case in California

first_imgThe initial upset over Tuesday’s announcement of the first case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in the U.S. in six years has started to subside.A dairy cow at a rendering facility in California was determined to have the disease based on samples sent to the USDA National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa.advertisementadvertisement According to U.S. Department of Agriculture Chief Veterinary Officer John Clifford’s April 24 statement , “Confirmatory results using immunohistochemistry and western blot tests confirmed the animal was positive for atypical BSE, a very rare form of the disease not generally associated with an animal consuming infected feed.”Click here to visit the USDA’s hub for BSE information.Further statements from Clifford and U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack stressed that the BSE case presents no threat to the food supply.Clifford said, “The carcass of the animal is being held under State authority at a rendering facility in California and will be destroyed.It was never presented for slaughter for human consumption, so at no time presented a risk to the food supply or human health. Additionally, milk does not transmit BSE.”advertisementClick here to watch a video of Clifford discussing the BSE case.Further reassurance for the dairy industry came yesterday, when the U.S. Food & Drug Administration released a 30-second video of Mike Taylor, deputy commissioner for foods, saying that “consumers needn’t be concerned about the safety of milk.”Live cattle futures fell three cents per pound Tuesday. By Wednesday, the market was recovering.According to The Wall Street Journal ‘s commodities department, “Live-cattle futures prices for April delivery closed up 1.5 percent Wednesday, as traders were encouraged by assurances from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that no meat from the California dairy cow that contracted the disease had entered the U.S. food supply.Cattle prices also received a lift from news that Japan, South Korea and Mexico had no plans to change their import policies for U.S. beef.”Click here to read the full Wall Street Journal article.advertisementAlthough the BSE diagnosis at the California rendering facility may not have the drastic, long-lasting market effects that were initially feared, the incident is feeding the food safety debate.It is also turning the magnifying glass on the current U.S. safeguards against BSE, which includes testing samples from approximately 40,000 animals each year from among cattle populations where the disease is most likely to be found.Reuters reported, “While the specter of mad cow disease as a health scourge has faded during a decade of success in controlling the disease – only 29 cases were reported worldwide last year, down from a peak of over 37,000 in 1992 – the latest case has emboldened those in favor of more testing.”Click here to read the full Reuters article. PDlast_img read more

Houston Texans 10th anniversary logo

first_imgFavourite Logos:Hartford Whalers Location:Portland, ME, USA It’s their 11th season though… weird. 2,347 posts Share on other sites Houston Texans 10th anniversary logo Sign in to follow this   Location:Currently Salt Lake; soon to be Jackson, MS. Favourite Logos:Vancouver Canucks current/1980s/90s era, LA Kings purple/gold and Gretzky era, Mariners 80s and current, BC Lions 1980s, and Saskatchewan Roughriders 1970s/80s Location:Western Hemisphere Recommended Posts 22 0 868 johnnysama 0 Link to post 1,118 2,227 posts 6,671 posts Sports Logos 6 Share this post Sports Logo News 1,118 It’s their 11th season though… weird.Lots of teams celebrate by the year and not the # of seasons played. I’ve always liked the look of the symmetrical dates better that way?2002-2012, instead of 2002-2011 etc. Chazberg Favourite Logos:ASU “Sparky”Jazz music note wordmarkBlue Jackets “Stinger” Oregon “Donald Duck”Scottish Claymores primary Share this post 0 4 6,188 posts CFL/NPB/MLB/NHL/NFL Fan JQK SportsLogos.Net Followers 0 Sports Logo News Favourite Logos:Blue Jays original,Arkansas Razorbacks,Minnesota T-wolves original,and Pat Patriot Location:Washington State Link to post Members 1,264 GriffinM6 10,968 posts I too like this a lot. The best part, is that they used the number font from their jerseys rather than using a random font. 1,264 1,264 Members Share on other sites Share on other sites Members Skunk Duck Studios Posted February 17, 2012 All Activity JQK All Activity Members Share on other sites Peachy Nice, I like it. Flamewagoning 0 234 Share this post 1,118 mmejia Posted February 18, 2012 Link to post Posted February 18, 2012 Chazberg Location:Worcester MA Share this post CDixonDesign Share on other sites Posted February 18, 2012 6 PurpleRush Forums Home RedSox44 Posted February 17, 2012center_img 1,293 posts CDixonDesign Link to post 0 Share this post The 2012 season will mark the 10th anniversary of the Houston Texans, and to celebrate, they just unveiled their 10th anniversary logo.Very classy logo. Simple, to-the-point. johnnysama Link to post SportsLogos.Net mmejia 194 234 Members Members 194 I heard earlier this week that this logo will be worn as a patch on the chest this upcoming season. Location:Houston Posted February 18, 2012 Posted February 17, 2012 Simple. I like it. I assume this will be a jersey patch. 175 RedSox44 Share on other sites knnhrvy16 175 Forums Home 22 GriffinM6 Members Houston Texans 10th anniversary logo Link to post Sign in to follow this   Simple and classy….Although the absence of a blue keyline around the logo gives the “floating” feeling to the logo itself… 0 Posted February 18, 2012 Share this post Members Share this post Less, but better. Posted February 18, 2012 Sports Logos Share this post 22 Members 0 175 0 Link to post PurpleRush 868 Link to post 6 knnhrvy16 15,138 posts Location:Atlanta This topic is now closed to further replies. 5,070 posts 868 Location:Charlotte, NC Share on other sites Share this post Favourite Logos:Toronto Blue Jays 2012 – Quebec NordiquesMinnesota North StarsHartford WhalersNew York MetsBoston Bruins (all except 1995-2007)New Detroit Lions Share on other sites 194 By johnnysama, February 17, 2012 in Sports Logo News 4 Holy cow, has it been 10 years already?? Time really does fly…Anyways, very classy, simple logo. Really like the look of it, it should look great on the jerseys. 1,071 posts Share on other sites Favourite Logos:Pensacola Blue Wahoos Primary 4 Go To Topic Listing Location:Chicago, IL Followers 0 0 234 Link to post Houston Texans 10th anniversary logolast_img read more