Honeywell preparing for 25th annual event

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New 100 Watt RF Power Limiter Based on Silicon on Sapphire Technology

first_imgPeregrine Semiconductor has introduced a new monolithic 100-watt power limiter, based on their UltraCMOS SOI Technology. The PE45361 is the next generation in Peregrine’s power limiter product family. It builds on the success of the 50-watt UltraCMOS power limiters and adds higher pulsed power handling, a lower limiting threshold and positive threshold control. UltraCMOS power limiters provide a monolithic alternative to discrete, PIN-diode limiters based on gallium-arsenide (GaAs) technology and protect devices against excessive RF power, intentional jamming and ESD events. It delivers reliable and repeatable power protection to sensitive low-noise receivers for test-and-measurement equipment and wireless-infrastructure transceivers.Compared to PIN diodes, UltraCMOS power limiters provide a 10 to 100x improvement in response-and-recovery time, deliver 10 to 40 dB linearity (IIP3) improvement and offer a 20x improvement in ESD protection. UltraCMOS power limiters also require 8x less board space than that required by conventional PIN-diode solutions. Finally, the limiting threshold can be adjusted through a low current voltage control pin (VCTRL), eliminating the need for external components such as DC blocking capacitors, RF choke inductors and bias resistors.Like other UltraCMOS power limiters, the PE45361 features two operating modes – power limiting and power reflecting – to maximize performance and flexibility. These modes can be selected through the programmable VCTRL pin. In power-limiting mode, the device is invisible to the load. When the incoming RF signal power exceeds the limiting threshold set through the VCTRLpin, the device limits the input RF power. The Power-reflecting mode is used in more extreme conditions, where the device reflects most of the incident power back to the source.Features, Packaging, Price and AvailabilityCovering a wide frequency range from 10 MHz to 6 GHz, the PE45361 power limiter provides exceptional power protection for high performance, power-limiting applications. It can handle high pulsed power up to 50 dBm and 100 watts, has an adjustable limiting threshold from 5 dBm to 13 dBm and a positive threshold control from 0 to 0.3 volts. The PE45361 delivers a low insertion loss of 0.95 dB at 6 GHz and high return loss of 15 dB at 6 GHz. With a fast response time of 1 nanosecond and a speedy recovery time of 20 nanoseconds, it exhibits high linearity of 37 dBm IIP3 and excellent ESD protection of 3 kV HBM. Samples and evaluation kits are available now.last_img read more

Jersey Manufacturing

first_img SportsLogos.Net Forums Home lancealot Sports Logos JTernup 128 Posted August 27, 2013 359 Recommended Posts Sports Logos Share this post Jersey Manufacturing Share on other sites Followers 0 All Activity Sign in to follow this   lancealot 0 Members kw11333 Sports Logo News 0 Link to post Members JTernup 359 1,979 posts 359 Share on other sites 0 84 This topic is now closed to further replies. 84 1,608 posts Jersey Manufacturing 2,925 posts Followers 0 Link to post Go To Topic Listing Posted August 27, 2013 84 Posted August 27, 2013 Sign in to follow this   128 “Innovation” Location:Gainesville, FL CODY’s #1 fan boy SportsLogos.Net Link to post Buffalo, Boilermaker, GATOR! Share on other sites kw11333 Share this post Members As far as soccer goes, Nike and others need to be more competitive because there is a lot more parity. There are more manufacturers and most leagues don’t have exclusive manufacturers. Just look at some of the crap adidas churns out for the MLS. IMO MLB and Majestic are the one true exclusive manufacturer success story they haven’t forced cool base on teams and most players and fans seem to love the CB jerseys. Share this post All Activity Jersey Manufacturing 128 Forums Home By kw11333, August 27, 2013 in Sports Logo News Sports Logo News Why can Nike design good looking soccer kits, but such ugly everything else? They’ve re-invented the wheel when it comes to hockey and football.Same goes with Reebok and Adidas. One has added sleeves to basketball jerseys and the other tried to replace the fabric/model the NHL used for 80 years (with no complaints). Reebok went as far as trying to get rid of horizontal stripes on hockey jerseys.Since these companies have blitzed all the major sports leagues around the world, quality of replicas has gone down and the price has gone up.last_img read more

Pentagon regains authority to set combat troop levels

first_img Related Saul Loeb(WASHINGTON) — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis now has the authority to set U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.Earlier this week, President Trump delegated that authority to Mattis, giving him an authority that had resided at the White House during the George W. Bush and Obama administrations.The move is another sign of the flexibility the Trump administration has given U.S. military commanders.ABC News looks at the development and whether anything will change in the U.S. military posture in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.Force Management LevelsMattis will be responsible for setting what are formally known as the “force management level,” or FML, for American troops in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.FMLs were effectively caps set by the White House on the number of troops that could be deployed to each country.The caps became most visible after the U.S. military returned to Iraq in 2014 to train and advise the Iraqi military in the fight against ISIS. In an effort to prevent a full-out combat mission and to stress the advisory role of the U.S. military presence, the Obama administration placed very specific limits on the number of troops sent to Iraq.But over time, the caps kept rising to meet the need for additional troops as the scope of the mission kept growing. What was initially a mission for 300 troops in Iraq in 2014 has grown to the current authorization of 5,262 American military forces in Iraq.The American troop presence was eventually expanded into Syria, where the U.S. military is authorized to have 503 American troops to train, advise and assist the Syrian rebel forces fighting ISIS.But the number of troops in those countries is actually higher because additional forces on temporary assignments lasting fewer than 180 days are not counted as part of the official FML. That means there are more than 6,000 American troops in Iraq and more than 900 American troops in Syria.The capping of troop numbers has also meant that some of the support and maintenance duties that would have been handled by military personnel are handled by contractors.The Pentagon says restoring the troop authority to the Pentagon will mean better transparency about the actual number of American troops in both countries.Why bring the authority back to the Pentagon?In late April, President Trump delegated to Mattis the authority for troop levels in Iraq and Syria.A Pentagon spokesman said at the time that the decision was a return to an arrangement that had typically existed prior to the Bush and Obama administrations.The delegation of troop-level authority would let the Pentagon respond faster to urgent troops requests from military commanders, according to Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis.“Bringing the authority really back here where it’s historically been enables military commanders to be more agile, to more quickly and efficiently support partners, to have more rapid decision-making and to keep units together,” Davis said.Mattis will be able to set troop levels in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, but the broad strokes for the American military missions in those regions will still be closely coordinated by the administration and other agencies.More troops for Afghanistan?Earlier this week, President Trump also delegated to Mattis the authority for troop levels in Afghanistan.At a congressional hearing on Thursday, Mattis stressed that President Trump had not “fully delegated” all authority to him, as Trump “maintains strategic oversight” for Afghanistan.Mattis explained that while President Trump had delegated to him “the details of forces that will be allocated to support what he approves finally as a strategy” for Afghanistan, “I assure you this is not a carte blanche for me to come up with numbers that are going into this.”There are more than 8,400 American troops in Afghanistan with a mission of training, advising and assisting the Afghan military in its fight against the Taliban and the ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan. About 2,000 of those troops are involved in the counterterrorism mission against al-Qaeda and ISIS.The U.S. military has proposed sending an additional 2,000 to 4,000 American troops to Afghanistan.This week, Mattis told Congress that by mid-July he might have an idea of how many more U.S. troops could be needed after the administration concludes a review of its Afghanistan strategy.Mattis also noted that the additional troops could meet shortfalls for air power, logistical support and intelligence support for the Afghan military. Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMaticolast_img read more