Microsofts Office 365 video takes a jab at Google with Gmail Man

first_imgAll’s fair in love and war as Microsoft and Google are well aware of. It looks like Microsoft has taken a jab at Google in a video shown at its annual Microsoft Global Exchange sales conference. The conference is held to help the company’s sales representatives sell more Microsoft products. The latest product Microsoft is trying to sell is Office 365, a new cloud-based software suit.On June 27, the day before Micorosoft released Office 365, Google’s Apps Project Manager Shan Sinha wrote a post on the Official Google Blog entitled “365 reasons to consider Google Apps.” The post asks readers to help Google build a list of 365 reasons to consider Google Apps over Office 365. However, Microsoft is fighting back with the video shown at MGX that basically sends the message that emails in Gmail aren’t safe. The message Microsoft is sending is that Google reads the emails to find keywords and create ads, and cares more about ads than its customer’s privacy.The video, a spoof in the style of an old 50s sitcom, features Gmail Man, a fake mailman who reads everyone’s mail, just like Google does. Gmail is able to scan your email and pull specific keywords out of it to create ad links. These links are shown on the top of your email screen, and most people don’t even notice them. Office 365, however, doesn’t do this kind of keyword ad generating.The video is actually pretty clever, and it did make us chuckle a few times. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this video was only intended for Microsoft employees to  have a few laughs and to rile the sales troops into thinking their product is far superior.Even so, the video is out and Google has most definitely seen it. Your turn, Google.via ZDNetlast_img read more