Not acting decisively

first_imgThe problems coming from Covid are compounding day by day. The scarcity of medical protective equipment and inadequate testing has affected the fire fighting spirit. In some areas the doctors have been manhandled which indicates that people have not taken the message of emergency and lockdown very clearly. The CM could have done better in controlling the situation. As everything has been left to PM who has the limitations to come on TV very frequently. The CMs were expected to be taken on Board and the problem should have been discussed from length to breadth. As the lockdown is increasing day by day the CMs are bothering the PM to release relief package. Whereas how FM has reached at package of Rs. 1.70 lacs crores appears a layman guess. In case all the States were taken into confidence they should also have spoken their mind. Unilaterally working in New Delhi could not be so fruitful when the problems are to be faced in the States. What Kejriwal is doing first the migrant workers had gone in panic to catch transport and later the police whisked them away. The labor class must be asking them that they are the one who have created such superb infrastructure but the way they had been put in lurch is not being heard. Yogi Aditaya Nath out of his crude imagination offered 1000 buses to transport the migrant worker and finally centre has awakened that they could be large virus carriers and hence must be dumped where ever they have reached. All the government employees are holidaying and it is the police and magistrates who are grappling with the odds of shutdown and maintaing essential services. The essential services are for the urban areas and what is happening in rural areas there is no smell of it. The State governments are demanding additional packages but the government has already committed to spending huge revenue on employees. This time what would be the fate of subsidies is unknown. The real problem is with the people in the rural areas and migrant workers as neither supply chain is ensured nor cash is reaching. In this magnitude of crisis the salaries of the employees must be cut down by at least 40 percent. Earlier the private sector had taken the leave from the employees and the salary would not be paid. The education in urban areas may remain secured for few months but the children in rural areas are left to the mercy of corona. While US is expected to lose large number of lives the unilateral decision making of the central government could miss the estimated affected person. The way the number of cases are increasing when the curve will be flat and bend down at least does not appear to be feasible by 15 th April. Half of the people donot under stand social distancing and it is better not to talk about the hygiene and providing them the mask. There is complete loss of accurate message and cross information are flowing everywhere. Some select section of the society who have sufficient cash can bear the stay for few days more but the problems of large number of people who donot have buffer is going to mount. It is therefore important to stop worrying to pay the high paid employees and divert the money to deprived even if it is to be done by handing over the cash in their hands. Time has come that monetisation be resorted though the fear of inflation crops up but given the fact that it is only cashless people who are expected to take hit. The virus as such is not docile and it is going to take long haul before it comes under control. Had it been simple the high reached countries should have not seen their people dying. It is natural calamity and humanity is nearing the curse therefore donot put the value to lives and shower all cash to be distributed equally among all.last_img read more