New Year Eve

first_imgThe New Year’s Eve – significantly awaits on the verge of omega, like a coachman to take the inopportune Cinderella home.There will be fireworks – beaming bright, joyful and auroral, making their own statement amidst stars as if spreading the luminicent ink of renewed dreams on to the black canvas above; metaphorically inspiring a whole new crusade of vivid colors & sky bound vivacious patterns igniting out of the deadening chaos the formidable & ‘about to be bygone’ year has been.While it so happens, let us take a moment to reflect. Foremost, let us offer a homage to those who suffered through the harsh & brutish design that engulfed the whole mankind, those who succumbed; and a cheerful adulation to those who courageously survived the clutches of this mirthless melancholy.Let us also laud in glory and aggrandize the cohort of tireless & indefatigable warriors who fought for human-kind; thinking no thought, fearing no fear, who believed there is no ‘self’, but only empathy towards helping others with a sense of belonging, those who believed in the ‘ism’ of  only ‘survivalism’ as the chivalrous frontline warriors.The entire pandemonium cast its clamor on our young children too; confining them to the walls of their homes, restricting their freedom of growing up in holistic manner. Let us praise the little battlers who pitched in courageously through this turbulent year.Let us reflect and take a moment to rewind the thoughts, acknowledge self achievements that made us wade through the vexing trials of this tumultuous year. Let us look at ourselves as the protagnists of fighter’s spirit in emotional progress, who learnt to adapt to adversity. Let us laud ourselves in our efforts to stay positive despite the shaking predicaments professionally, compliment ourselves on focusing on relationships that really mattered.Let us further brace ourselves and continue to move on in anticipation of good to follow with a spark of hope, a ray of sunshine yet to be born, but is there and can be felt. Let there be only one thing contagious, and let that be the infection of positivity and optimism.Let us welcome the year ahead, start over, building a new layer upon the foundation of our triumph over the ailing one. Let us be ready, yes, we are!last_img read more