Theft at Muslim cemetery

first_img They dug sand out of the ground to expose the pipes. Picture: Supplied Burglars hit the pipe flat with a brick to stop the water flow before stealing it. Picture: Supplied They also dug deep holes into the ground. Picture: Supplied 1 of 3 Burglars hit the pipe flat with a brick to stop the water flow before stealing it. Picture: Supplied Theft is plaguing Johnstone Road Muslim Cemeteryin Belgravia with thieves spiriting away wooden grave markers – along with copper pipesand vibracrete slabs – makingit hard for families of the deadto find their resting places, sayscemetery board member Abdullah Salie.Recently residents of the squatter camp near the Klipfontein Road side of the cemetery had started stealing wooden grave makers to use for firewood, he said.Vibracrete slabs and metal railings around the graves were also going. On Thursday November 14, vibracrete and pipes had been stolen. A security guard had seen a group of men stealing from the cemetery at about 3am, Mr Salie said.“He could not stop them as he was alone. The site is too big for one person to man. This copper pipe theft started with small pieces going missing last weekend. Everything happens at night.”The big security gate at the cemetery entrance would have been stolen last year had it not been for the intervention of a security guard, he said. “We want the public to respect this space, not vandalise it and litter when they are here. And please report anything because this is an on going thing,” he said. According to Athlone police spokeswoman, Sergeant Zita Norman, no case has been opened at the station and the station wasn’t aware of frequent crime at the cemetery. last_img read more

Advanced Rigid Substrate Material for High Frequency Chip Packaging

first_imgDyconex, an MST company, has announced an advanced rigid multilayer substrate material that can be used to develop ultra-thin build-ups for various high-frequency applications like HF chip packaging. The material has good dielectric properties (low Dk and low Df) combined with a low thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) and high dielectric strength. Using anylayer technology the layers of the substrates are connected by laser drilled, copper filled microvias allowing for high-density / high-reliability designs. Other HDI build-up solutions are also available.Key Features of the Substrate Include:Epoxy-based laminates with low dielectric propertiesHigh Tg, low CTE and high dielectric strengthUltra-thin any layer HDIs from 4 layers (~220 µm) to 8 layers (~350 µm) with highest reliabilityImpedance controlled ultra-fine line technology (down to 25 µm)High-density pitch design (~175 µm)Smallest via (50 µm) in pad (100 µm)EN 9100:2009 certificationClick here to learn more about design features and layer build-up characteristics of this substrate.last_img read more