Chose between mirror and water

first_imgWhile this topic might seem little quirky, there is a good philosophy hidden. Life is all about perceptions and perspectives. Amidst such existence, our inner peace depends on who we are and how we mould ourselves. So what is the connectivity between the title and the content?While the concept of reflection is adopted by the manifested property/nature of water, there is a diverse difference in the behaviour. Water does not reflect the exact. When the water is ‘still’, one could see a clear image, when flowing, it portrays a zig-zag one, when mixed with another ingredient it loses the reflective nature and when in other forms or added to some mould gets deviated to the shape /structure of it.While we are well aware of the above details, it is been iterated to learn some philosophical facts here. At a glance, we could definitely grab a different opinion over it, but life is all about positivity. Sticking to it, if we now compare our life and thoughts, try to imagine, understand and self analyse as to how do we react in life, there is definitely a path amidst berms!If the answer to the above analysis is a ‘mirror’, then we do depict an exact of our opponent, be it whoever/whatever in life. An overview of this might seem quite easy and good, but it also stagnates us. We can neither be good nor bad to those who are ill-minded. That’s true but at the same time we don’t have to reflect back anything is the quest of the hour.Never try reciprocating the very exact as like a mirror as it might not mould your personality. It can be even deceptive in showing what you really are at the moment just like a mirror does not show you gaining weight. It does not help shape your growth and you can even break & shatter when someone wants to. And most importantly you will not be who you are /what you actually wanted to be!We don’t have growth when stagnated, as well we don’t see a perigon of life. While trying to understand what water is all about… first of all it is natural, it is in its own way, harmless, powerful and when confined adopts and awaits the opportunity to recess. And because of these properties, however, contaminated, water remains the most wanted in the infinity!So what are we to learn here?When you come near positivity take a pause, remain still and reflect back. This includes good deeds to be reciprocated to family/friends. Be flowing with full power so you don’t have to respond to negativity nor reflect the same back. Be natural, be you, no matter what.When you are confined, adopt without losing your nature just like a water-filled into a bottle. Make your you learn to live to confinity and learn what not to be/do as well make sure to filter and refine to pour out with full flow. And no matter what remains the most wanted in a “positive way” so life gets accomplished.So it is all about who we are, where we are and where we head toward. In the journey of life, we may have to be to a mirror, but as our roles changes, we may have to choose between mirror and water so as to be a personality looked up to in/for a positive note. This decision not just helps us be happy & peaceful but in due course can even reform society!last_img read more