NMGF Weekly Report: Fishing For Crawdads

first_imgNMGF News:In this time of change, the Department would like to encourage anglers to stay home, mend equipment and prepare for the upcoming fishing season.In the weekly fishing report, provided by Dustin Berg of Go Unlimited (supporting disabled anglers) and the Department of Game and Fish, we will be sharing tips and tricks to help you be ready to go on future adventures. Each week we will feature some different flies, lures, activities or cooking recipes that can be done at home. In this week’s report, Dustin will discuss fishing for crawdads, fishing with crawdads and fishing with a slip bobber. Crawdad caught at Farmington Lake. Courtesy/NMGFFishing for crawdads and fishing with crawdadsI grew up in the Rio Grande River Valley, and as a kid had many great adventures fishing the irrigation ditches and river close to my house. Fishing for crawdads in the irrigation ditches was something that my buddies and I would do on hot summer days. This is a fun activity to do with kids and a really easy opportunity to try out.All you need is a five-foot stick, 10 feet of string, a clothespin, weight and bacon or hotdogs for bait (any firm lunch meat works well, too). A fishing pole also works great for catching crawdads and eliminates the need for a stick and the 10 feet of string.How to make your crawdad rig:Tie one end of the string through the metal spring of the clothespin.Thread weight onto your string. You can use a fishing weight, nut, washer or any sort of weight that can be placed on the string a couple inches away from the clothespin.Use the clothespin to secure a piece of bacon or another meat bait of your preference.Tie the loose end of your string to your stick. If you have personal tips and tricks that you would like to share with your fellow anglers as we wait out the current restrictions, email Dustin at [email protected] Information:Social distancing is a challenge for all anglers; the itch to go fishing just keeps growing. But this is a time for all New Mexicans to pull together for the overall health of all our citizens and stay home. The Department reminds anglers it is their responsibility to be aware of closures and contact land managers for properties of interest when restrictions are lifted.Bureau of Land Management (BLM) – https://www.blm.gov/new-mexico U.S. Forest Service (USFS) – https://www.fs.usda.gov/about-agency/covid19-updatesNew Mexico State Lands – https://www.nmstatelands.org/resources/recreational-access/New Mexico State Parks – http://www.emnrd.state.nm.us/SPD/New Mexico Open Gate Properties – http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/hunting/maps/open-gate-program/New Mexico Wildlife Management Areas – http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/conservation/state-game-commission-lands/Angler and outdoor recreationists should consult their local government’s website for information regarding specific city and town fishing access. When fishing for crawdads, try using a 5-foot stick, 10-feet of string, a clothespin and weight. Use bacon or hotdogs for weight. Courtesy/NMGFAnd now you’re ready to fish for crawdads.But first, you’ll just need to locate the habitat structure where they like to live. Crawdads like to live under rocks because it gives them protection from predators and the water’s current. In the irrigation ditches, you can often find good crawdad habitat around bridges where the ditch goes under a road. There will often be loose or undercut rock/concrete on either side of the bridge. I prefer the downstream end of the bridge because it is safer to access and usually has better habitat.Once you find a promising spot with large rock/concrete or an undercut bank, toss your baited clothespin into the ditch and let it sink to the bottom near the rocks. Crawdads have exceptional sensory organs that help them detect the bait. If crawdads are present, they usually detect and latch onto your bait in under five minutes. Once they find it, they use their claws to pinch and latch onto the bait. They do not want the bait to get away and will travel with it if they must.center_img Dustin’s 2.5 inch plastic crawdad rigged on a white jig. Courtesy/NMGFLet’s also talk about how fishing with crawdads as bait, or using artificial crawdads, can help you catch a lot of fish. Pike, bass, catfish, walleye and other large predatory fish love eating crawdads.Here is a 2.5-inch plastic crawdad rigged on a ¼-ounce white jig head that I used to catch a lot of bass at Navajo Lake last summer. It is a green and red color with black flakes.Note: Many lakes in our state have crawdads that can be caught using this same method described above in rocky areas of the lake.Fishing with a slip bobberSometimes when fishing with a traditional bobber your bait stays too shallow; other times, when using weight, your bait gets too deep. The solution? Fish using a slip bobber. This allows you to get your bait to the desired depth. For example, if you want to fish your bait 20 feet deep and the lake is 40 feet deep, a slip bobber is the perfect solution.This is how a slip bobber works: The bobber can freely slide up and down the fishing line until it is stopped by a “bobber stop.” The bobber stop is a small rubber bead or knot threaded onto your fishing line that stays in place.To execute a slip bobber setup, identify the depth at which you wish to fish. For this example, we will use 20 feet. Pull 20 feet of fishing line out of your reel, with nothing tied to the end of the line. Then, place a bobber stop at the 20-foot mark. Next, thread a slip bobber onto your line below the stop. Below the bobber, tie a swivel to the fishing line and then tie on about three feet of leader to the other end of the swivel. Lastly, tie on your hook and bait to the very end of the leader. If your bait is not heavy enough to sink, add split shot weights to the leader a couple of feet away from your bait.When put together properly, you should be able to cast your slip bobber setup with bait out into the lake. The bobber and bait land in the water and the bait with weight begins to sink. The bobber floats while allowing the line to pass through it, drawn down by the weight of the bait that is sinking. Once the bait has sunk 20 feet deep, the line passing through the slip bobber stops because the rubber bead bobber stop reaches the slip bobber and does not allow the line to pass through further.I’ve had good success using live minnows baited below a slip bobber rig for catching walleye and bass. I am sure it would work for many other species of fish using a variety of baits.Here is a video that shows how to set it up.Here is a little more detailed video.Here is a detailed video for slip bobber fishing for walleye, which is something I personally think is a great idea, but the video also details techniques that could be used for other species. Dustin’s nephew, Jacob, with a crawdad he caught using a hotdog in an Albuquerque irrigation ditch. Courtesy/NMGFDetecting when a crawdad has latched onto your bait takes some practice. Sometimes you will see the string move or feel the tension created by the crawdad dragging your bait to a safe place where they can consume it. Other times, you will not know one is latched onto your bait until you gently raise the bait to the water’s surface and see the crawdad.Whether you sense a latched-on crawdad or are periodically checking to see if one is there, you want to gently raise the bait to the water’s surface. If there is a crawdad latched to your bait, continue to gently lift the crawdad out of the water and over the bank. Sometimes the crawdad will release the bait before being caught, but you will be surprised how often they cling to the bait, refusing to let it go!You can pick up crawdads with your hands by carefully and gently pinching them behind their claws with your index finger and thumb. Just be careful not to get pinched yourself. A net is also a good option for handling caught crawdads.If you know any kids that have not tried fishing for crawdads, take them out and show them what to do. It is a great fun educational outdoor activity for them to enjoy.last_img read more

Akibat ‘Diseruduk’ Koper Besar, Penumpang Kereta Bawah Tanah Ini Cedera Serius

first_imgLi mengalami luka di bagian kepala dan anggota badan lainnya yang kemudian di bantu penumpang lain untuk berdiri dan di bawa ke rumah sakit. Diketahui koper tersebut milik seorang penumpang bernama Yu yang melakukan perjalanan dari Wenzhou di Cina timur dan ingin menaiki kereta bawah tanah terakhir pada 23 April 2018 malam.Dalam rekaman video, koper yang dibawa Yu cukup berat hingga dia harus berjuang mengangkat koper tersebut. Sayangnya setelah di eskalator, koper itu lepas dari tangannya dan menuruni anak tangga sehingga membuat seorang penumpang lain terjatuh.“Saya berteriak untuk memperingatkan penumpang lain saat koper saya terlepas begitu saja. Banyak penumpang yang berpidah secara spontan tetapi seorang penumpang terdorong koper dan jatuh,” ujar Yu.Yu mengatakan, Li yang terjatuh akibat dorongan koper tersebut mengalami luka di bagian belakang kepala dan berdarah. “Kepala penumpang itu berdarah dan dia bilang kakinya juga sakit,” tambah Yu.Atas kejadian ini, petugas di stasiun utara Shenzhen dan Yu kemudian membawa Li ke rumah sakit Jian’an untuk mendapatkan penanganan medis. Biaya rumah sakit pun mau tak mau harus di tanggung Yu untuk pengobatan Li.Baca juga: Adu Jotos Ketika Mabuk, Dua ‘Pegulat Amatir’ ini Nyaris Tertabrak Kereta!“Saya yakin pihak kereta bawah tanah juga akan menanggung sebagian dari biaya pengobatan. Saya seorang turis dan saya tidak melihat pemberitahuan apapun. Saya juga tidak diingatkan dan harusnya petugas melakukannya untuk mengingatkan saya,” ujar Yu.Meski mengelak tak melihat dan diberitahukan tentang peraturan membawa barang besar, ternyata hal tersebut tak benar. Sebab dengan jelas peraturan mengenai penumpang yang membawa barang-barang besar harus menggunakan lift dan ini tergantung disekitar eskalator dan concourse.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… Related Penumpang terjatuh karena terdorong koper saat di eskalator stasiun bawah tanah Shenzen (www.dailymail.co.uk) Seorang penumpang kereta bawah tanah di stasiun kota Shenzhen, Cina harus dilarikan kerumah sakit. Ini dikarenakan wanita berusia 50 tahun tersebut jatuh di eskalator akibat tertabrak koper punya penumpang lain yang terlepas dari tangan pemiliknya.Baca juga: Dilarang Bersandar di Pintu Kereta? Ini Dia Penjelasannya!KabarPenumpang.com melansir dari laman dailymail.co.uk (27/4/2018), saat itu Li yang berada di eskalator turun tengah melihat ponselnya. Namun dirinya tak sadar bila ada sebuah koper besar yang meluncur dengan bebas dan kemudian menghantam tubuhnya hingga jatuh.last_img read more

Champions League round-up: Real Madrid ease Zinedine Zidane pressure

first_imgReal Madrid eased the pressure on manager Zinedine Zidane with a vital 1-0 win at Galatasaray.Madrid moved up to second in Group A, albeit five points behind leaders Paris-Saint Germain, after Toni Kroos’ deflected strike on his 100th Champions League appearance secured the win in Istanbul.Having won just one of their last four games, Real were looking to regain some momentum with a big victory over the Turkish champions. They had to settle for a narrow win.On his return to the squad after missing Saturday’s loss to Mallorca, Eden Hazard was Madrid’s most effective attacking threat, setting up the goal for Kroos and hitting the bar in the second half.However, like the rest of Madrid’s team, he wasn’t consistent enough to dominate in Istanbul.The visitors were fortunate to get away with poor defending that handed two good chances to Florin Andone, whose shots were saved by Thibaut Courtois.Galatasaray, sixth in their domestic league, could have snatched a draw with headed efforts at corners late on.last_img read more