California Snowpack is Deepest in 17 years – Good News for Water Supply

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreBlessed with a brilliant blanket of early winter snow, California’s snowpack is double its average for this time of year — and the deepest it’s been in 17 years.State officials delivered the good news for California’s water supply Tuesday after the first official monthly snowpack measurement of the season.(READ more at Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMorelast_img

Jomtien 8-Ball Pool League – Friday March 23 – March 29,…

first_imgShenanigans1275526 Simple Simons12111134 Country Road1284428 Results:  Flying Dolphins 8 v 7 Woaws Pub, Simple Simon 6 v 9 Minny Bar, DK Bar 7 v 8 Hot Legs, Winners Bar 6 v 9 Country Road, Wombat Bar 3 v 12 The Windmill, Take Care Bar 8 v 7 Shenanigans Winners Bar1284428 Flying Dolphins1257520 TeamPlayedWonLostBonusPts. Woaws Pub1257621 The Windmill1239918 Results & Standings March 14 (week 12) DK Bar1239918 Hot Legs1257520 Minny Bar1248517 Wombat Bar1221039 Take Care Bar12111134last_img

Red Wings denounce use of logo at White nationalist rally

first_imgThe Detroit Red Wings are considering legal action to stop White nationalists from using their logo as part of a “disturbing” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.The team said in a statement Saturday it “vehemently” disagrees with the rally and is in no way associated with it. The logo of the NHL club could be seen on items held by people at the rally.The Red Wings say they are “exploring every possible legal action as it pertains to the misuse of our logo in this disturbing demonstration.” The team adds that it believes hockey is for everyone and celebrates the diversity of its fan base and the country.The Red Wings said their statement would be their only comment on the matter.NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly decried the “irresponsible and improper use” of the logo.“This specific use is particularly offensive because it runs counter to the inclusiveness that our league values and champions,” Daly said in an email to The Associated Press. “We will take immediate and all necessary steps to insure the use is discontinued as promptly as possible, and will vigorously pursue other remedies, as appropriate.”There is a Michigan-based White nationalist group called the Detroit Right Wings that uses the Red Wings’ logo. The group posted on its Twitter account that members had arrived in Charlottesville, the home of the University of Virginia and about 100 miles from Washington.The university called off all sports events Saturday, including a men’s soccer exhibition game against Wright State.last_img read more

This new crop of Steelers ‘got their mojo working’ (Aug. 23, 2017)

first_imgLike us at @NewPghCourier on Twitter NO HELMET, NO PROBLEM—Courier photographer Thomas Sabol captures Steelers rookie LB T.J. Watt still battling, even after his helmet was knocked off, during a play against the Falcons, Aug. 20 at Heinz Field.“Got my mojo working, but it just won’t work on you. Got my mojo working, but it just won’t work on you. I’m going down to Louisiana to get me a mojo hand I’m going down to Louisiana to get me a mojo hand. Got my mojo working, but it just won’t work on you.” (Muddy Waters)The Pittsburgh Steelers faced the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, Aug. 20 at Heinz Field and won by the untidy score 17-13. Regardless of how this almost-meaningless preseason game played out, the game caused me to have a flashback to a song that my father and grandfather used to love; “I got my mojo working,” recorded by the late, great Muddy Waters. My “pap” and my father would often refer to a man or woman who had fallen madly in love with the opposite sex as being a victim of “roots” or a well-placed “mojo” or spell that was placed upon them.AUBREY BRUCECOURIER STEELERS CENTRALLet’s fast forward to the Steelers of 2017. If last Sunday was any indicator, the Steelers just might be the new “root” workers in the NFL, especially in the division where they compete, the AFC North. Players with names like Juju Smith-Shuster, Fitzgerald Toussaint and Stephon Tuitt seem as if they are fresh off a Louisiana riverboat looking to make a few friendly wagers. With “Juju” lining up for the Black and Yellow, I am totally convinced that a new “mojo-hand” will have a place of residence in the Steelers nation. Take a listen boys and girls, if the Steelers can’t get their mojo going, I am reasonably certain that they can get their “Juju” workin’, even if “Juju” hasn’t quite proven himself yet. Another one of the sorcerer’s apprentices that may be on the true road to stardom is rookie running back James Conner. After a slow start against the Falcons, Conner turned up the propane tank and torched the Falcons for 98 yards on 20 carries. The one negative about Conner’s performance was that he dropped a few easy passes, but those miscues could have easily been attributed to a slight case of the jitters. Nonetheless, he confirmed that he realizes how important it is for him to be a quality receiver in Steelers offensive coordinators Todd Haley’s offense as well as a great rusher. Conner does not want to be a “situational” back and said as much. “(I don’t want to be) short yardage, I just want to be a valuable receiver,” he said. As the game progressed, Conner also appeared as if he became more comfortable with the Steelers’ zone-blocking scheme.GOIN’ THE OTHER WAY—Courier photographer Thomas Sabol captures the hoopla surrounding one of Jordan Dangerfield’s two interceptions for the Steelers, as they defeated the Falcons, 17-13, Aug. 20.For over the past decade, the real backroom gamblers, the New England Patriots, have kept a mojo-hand on the Steelers. First, they cheated the Steelers, then they beat the Steelers, then they cheated and beat the Steelers. Pittsburgh never really knew whether they were cheated, beaten, outfoxed or outcoached. Pittsburgh oftentimes looked timid, almost appearing to be in a semi-fetal position even before the game began. But hold up lads and lassies…the era of “timidity” in regards to Pittsburgh facing New England seems as if it may have become past tense. A once-unsure and tentative Steelers defense may now have their “Tutu” and the remainder of his D-line cronies operating in sync and that, my friends, does not bode well for the rest of the NFL offenses. “We know we can get to the quarterback, it’s just getting there,” Tuitt proclaimed. “We will be using a lot of different ways (to do that). We gave up a lot of third down conversions at the beginning of the game. They moved the ball on us and they converted third downs but this is a preseason game, we’re just out here—we’re not going to show too much.”If the Steelers back up strong safety Jordan Dangerfield “got no respect” before the Steelers/Falcons clash, I am certain that offensive coordinators from around the league will taking a fresh look at film featuring Mr. Dangerfield after he burned the Falcons for a couple of picks. Rodney Dangerfield may have moved on to the spirit world, but Jordan Dangerfield is very much alive and kickin. ‘Many Steelers’ past players and coaches who may have been “spellbound” by the “riverboat gamblers and sorcerers” from the land of Paul Revere, masquerading as a professional football team…those days may be gone. The cards are now being dealt from a new deck by a new set of dealers and fortunately for the Steelers, the cards are not marked and the Patriots do not get to deal first, and the Steelers younger players are not intimidated by history because they have not been a part of past losers. Can’t you imagine, the wind blowing through the Patriots, the slightly ajar “window of opportunity” for an NFL championship, causing the “candles of exposure” to flicker, casting an eerie glow on the photo of Bill Belichick, causing many skeletons in the New England Patriots’ closet to begin rattling at the stroke of midnight?The Pittsburgh Steelers no longer have to worry about any other NFL teams’ mojo because they may finally have figured out and gotten their own mojo working, and that, boys and girls, spells trouble for the rest of the NFL.last_img read more

The Booker Brigade Boycott is on—sign Kaepernick, now! (Aug. 30, 2017)

first_imgMASTER SGT. MICHAEL BOOKER:10—U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Michael Booker, a man who has served both his country and community well, not to mention corporate America, is in a perfect position to set the wheels in motion here in Pittsburgh for what is clearly sweeping the country. A nationwide boycott against all NFL football until Colin Kaepernick is given a fair and deserved opportunity to earn a living playing quarterback in the league. If you don’t know the Kaepernick story, shame on you for being the least-informed rock in the pile…Google it, man! But you need to know about Sgt. Booker. A track man out of Wilkinsburg during the glory days of the late ‘60s and ‘70s who decided to serve his country, and serve he did, up close and personal in Iraq and other conflicts. Homecoming became marriage to the lovely Charmaine, two great kids and the lifelong addiction to basketball, highlighted by his legendary role as the voice of the nationally-recognized Connie Hawkins Pro/Am Summer Basketball League (when he wasn’t playing and coaching in the little time he had available.). All that being said, not a greater Steeler fan has been born on Earth, but his love for the Black and Gold and all other parts of the NFL stops “Right Here…Right Now!” Booker is boycotting the NFL, the Steelers and you for that matter until, and I quote, “This unfair, racist, hypocritical and planned blackballing of Kaepernick comes to an end!” I, for one, am joining the brigade and here’s why. No. 1, Kaepernick is no bum. He was in Super Bowl XLVII against the Ravens. No. 2, he was exercising his first amendment right to speak or, if you will, not stand for something! No. 3, what he was protesting against was important and meaningful. No. 4, he’s better than 75 percent of the backup quarterbacks in the NFL. No. 5, he said if he signed, he would not protest again. Hey, where’s that Rooney rule when you need it? I’m just askin’!:09—OK, here we go with your Steeler report. Ya know you want it. You love it. You want more of it. No. 1, James Harrison is still the miracle man. No worries there at all. I share your same concerns. When oh when, dear football gods, will we ever have a defensive secondary that can stop the pass. If we don’t pick up Kaepernick, then Dobbs is your backup. Speed solved a multitude of problems. No. 2, don’t worry, Le’Veon Bell is coming. He watches TV. He sees James Conner running just like me and you. No. 3, you just gotta love Ryan Shazier…nuff said! Hey, they lost to a good, not great, Indy team (Aug. 26), but again, it’s only preseason.:08—The fight was OK. No surprises. Mayweather did what he do. Control the tempo of the fight, smart, in shape, pinpoint. McGregor, not used to long rounds, ran out of gas. A 40-year-old legend beat a nobody to the boxing world…it was OK. That’s all I can give ya.:07—But all you old school cats know you miss the conventional old school boxing game. Ali, Frazier, Holmes, Foreman, Moore, Sugar Ray, Hearns, Hagler, Duran. C’mon man!!!:06—I don’t care about “no stinkin” Cavaliers. And LeBron’s a bum. (The greatest bum on the planet, but a bum nonetheless. That being said, Kyrie Irving is gone and will make Boston the second-best team in the east. That remains true until they beat Cleveland in playoffs. I’m not sure Isaiah Thomas can play second fiddle to LeBron without issues. He’s a scoring guard. Should be OK. We’ll see.:05—The Pirates beat the Cincinnati Reds Sunday (Aug. 27), 5-2, which means you still have to hold on. They’re not dead yet.:04—All I can tell ya is if you weren’t at D. Law and Chandra’s house for the “Just Friends” summer get-together, you didn’t only miss the good conversation, turkey ribs and the yams, you missed the summer breeze on the deck. Man, that’s worth the ride out to…none of your business! Job well done, “House of Law!”:03—Get ready to get ready. Next week we will release the names of the finalists for this year’s Pittsburgh City League All Sports Hall of Fame Inductees. But in the meantime, know this so you don’t get left out again like you did last year. Friday, October 6, pre-reception party at the fabulous Savoy, 6 p.m. until, $5 cover benefits the H.O.F., free parking, cash bar, cash kitchen, ultimate meet-and-greet reunion, 17 states represented coming home. Saturday, Oct. 7 is the H.O.F. awards, 6 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. awards show, $50 adults, $25 youth 12 and under, street and lot parking. Dress to impress, afterparty at the Savoy, 10 p.m. until – no cover – cash bar – free parking, honoring the 1966 and 1971 Schenley City League and State Champion basketball teams, along with 25 of the greatest living legends in City League athletics history. For more information, call Achieving Greatness Inc. at 412-628-4856.:02—Look back to the fight game a minute. I got Sugar Ray Leonard top welterweight over Mayweather, Hearns, Duran and Hagler, when they were all at their best in that class. My old man puts Mayweather over everybody, but Sugar Ray Robinson. What say you? Text me at 412-628-4856.:01—Wednesday, Aug. 30! You still have time to get your ride together, go deep in your summer closet for your best black and white combo, and have you and your significant other come on down to the Old School Black and White party/Car Cruise and Show at the top social spot in town…The fabulous Savoy. B&W rolls on from 4 to 9 p.m., inside and out, rain or shine. The car show in the Savoy lot 4 to 7 p.m. Registration is $10 for car show or party admission, proceeds benefit the City League Hall of Fame awards – cash bar – cash kitchen – free patron parking – First, second, third place large trophies for best car on site. No categories – Black and White people, black and white attire. Let’s bring the peace, love and good looks! Call 412-628-4856 for info. Do it. Do it now! (Oh, by the way, free back to school bookbags for the first 50 registered cars.):00–GAME OVER. Like us at @NewPghCourier on Twitter read more

The Courier has the BEST City League High School Football Coverage. (Get 2017 standings, profiles and more…)

first_imgUSO PLAYERS Damon Macklin, Kenneth Pipkins and Dorian Jackson look to lead the Eagles to a second-straight City League championship. (Photos by Thomas Sabol)USO head coach Lou Berry knows the entire Pittsburgh City League is coming for his Eagles. After all, they are the defending City League champions.“That’s the case,” he confirmed with a smile. “Anytime you’re the champ…”Perry. Carrick. Allderdice. Brashear. Westinghouse.USO CHEERLEADERS, cheering their team to a convincing victory over the Brashear Bulls, 26-7, Sept. 8.“I haven’t seen them play as of yet, but they’re always tough,” Berry said of the Bulldogs.That game occurs Oct. 6. But before then, it’s Allderdice’s turn to give USO their first City League loss.“We have a big one Thursday night (Sept. 14), so I’ll know more about our team come Thursday night, see how we handle a little bit of success, but we’ll be under the lights against Allderdice, who from what I understand have a very veteran-laden team.”USO (University Prep, Sci-Tech, Obama schools) hasn’t lost a league game so far this year, with their biggest test happening in their first league game of the season, last Friday, Sept. 8 against Brashear. USO beat the Bulls 15-14 in the 2016 City League championship game.Brashear returned seven starters on both offense and defense this year, while USO had only three returning starters on “O.” But it was a tough-nosed USO defense that had multiple sacks, an interception, and limited Brashear to only 7 points in the game. The Eagles won, 26-7, at Cupples Stadium on the South Side.CHAMPS—Can the USO Eagles defend their 2016 City League title? Only time will tell.Though USO lost its first two non-conference games to out-of-state teams, the competition they faced seemed to have them prepared for Brashear. The question now is: Can they hold off the rest of the improved City League contingent that’s looking to knock off the champs any time, any place?“Yea,” said star QB/DB Dorian Jackson of the Eagles. “We’re working on going all the way to states. We aren’t working on just the City.”USO DEFEATED BRASHEAR, 26-7, Sept. 8, at Cupples Stadium, for the Eagles’ first win of the season.Jackson, a senior, said the best part of his team is the defense. “Our defense will get better each week, we’ve always had a strong defense.”After the Sept. 14 Allderdice contest, USO (1-2) will travel to Steubenville, Ohio to face Steubenville High School (Sept. 22), followed by Carrick (Sept. 29), Westinghouse (Oct. 6) and Perry (Oct. 12). The Eagles finish the regular season in West Virginia against Wheeling Central Catholic, Oct. 20.Other standout players for USO include Damon Macklin, a senior cornerback with “great hand-eye coordination,” Berry said. Macklin also led the team in rushing last year. Also, Raujee Clerfe is an exceptional “two-way player who gets it done at the receiver and outside linebacker position,” and an improved defensive line. “We’re starting to get the penetration but also finishing off plays in the backfield,” Berry said.But overall, “We gotta get better, we’re still nowhere near where we want to be,” Berry, now in his seventh season at USO, told the Courier. “I understand the growing pains that come with a young, inexperienced team, but sometimes it gets a little frustrating when you’re the reason why you don’t finish drives, you’re the reason why you’re committing turnovers that prevent you from being great.“So, we got a long way to go.” Other high school football notes as of Sept. 13, 2017…Steel Valley does not mess around. They’ve got the 2016 PIAA 2A State Championship in their backpocket, and, after going 15-0 last year, they’ve won their first two games this season. Next up for the Ironmen are Valley (Sept. 15), and at South Allegheny (Sept. 22). Who knows, they just might go undefeated yet again…Woodland Hills is going through a transformation, to say the least. There’s no more coach Novak, Kevin Murray resigned before the season, but the players are battle-tested and tough-minded. Currently 1-2 and in 6A, they’ll next face Penn-Trafford (Sept. 15) at the Wolverina, then it’s at Chartiers Valley (Sept. 22).Aliquippa gave Beaver an ole’ fashioned…(loss) on Sept. 8, with a 30-10 victory. The Quips are now 3-0 in 3A, and it looks like they’ve only begun. The state title, for sure, is on Aliquippa’s mind, so watch out Freeport (Sept. 15) and at Ellwood City (Sept. 22), the Quips’ next opponents. Remaining USO Schedule – record as of Oct. 16, 2017(4-4, 4-1 in City League)Sept. 14—7 p.m. at Allderdice (LOSS)Sept. 22—7 p.m. at Steubenville, Ohio (LOSS)Sept. 29—3:30 p.m. at Carrick (WIN)Oct. 6—3 p.m. Westinghouse (WIN)Oct. 12—7 p.m. Perry (WIN)Oct. 20—7 p.m. at Wheeling Central Catholic, W. Va.MARVIN GREEN of Westinghouse did his part in running over Perry, 38-0, in a City League contest, Sept. 7. (Photo by Will McBride)THE BRASHEAR BULLS, above, have won two of the last three City League titles. But after losing in the championship game last year, they want another taste of the City League title. In the bottom photo are some of Brashear’s Cheerleaders. (Photos by Thomas Sabol)MALEIK HEMINGWAY, PERRY (Photos by Will McBride)WESTINGHOUSE’S TAY’VON LEE-MATTOXCity League Football remaining schedules, all records as of Oct. 16, 2017All City League conference games played at Cupples StadiumWestinghouse (4-3, 2-2 in City)Sept. 15—7 p.m. at Brashear (LOSS)Sept. 22—7 p.m. Hickory (WIN)Sept. 29—7 p.m. at Fort Hill, Md. (LOSS)Oct. 6—3 p.m. at USO (LOSS)Oct. 13—7 p.m. Allderdice (WIN)Oct. 19—7 p.m. at CarrickBrashear (4-4, 3-2 in City)Sept. 15—7 p.m. Westinghouse (WIN)Sept. 22—7 p.m. at Hollidaysburg (LOSS)Sept. 28—7 p.m. at Perry (WIN)Oct. 5—7 p.m. Carrick (WIN)Oct. 12—7 p.m. at Erie Strong Vincent (LOSS)Perry (1-6, 1-3 in City)Sept. 16—5 p.m. at South Park (Buffalo, N.Y.) (LOSS)Sept. 22—7:30 pm. at Brooke, W. Va. (LOSS)Sept. 28—7 p.m. Brashear (LOSS)Oct. 6—7 p.m. at Howland, Ohio (LOSS)Oct. 12—7 p.m. at USO (LOSS)Oct. 20 – 7 p.m. AllderdiceAllderdice (4-4, 3-1 in City)Sept. 14—7 p.m. USO (WIN)Sept. 21—7 p.m. at Carrick (WIN)Sept. 29—7 p.m. Dubois Area (at Allderdice) (WIN)Oct. 6—7 p.m. Hollidaysburg (LOSS)Oct. 13—7 p.m. at Westinghouse (LOSS)Oct. 20—7 p.m. at PerryCarrick (1-7, 0-4 in City)Sept. 16 – 1:30 p.m. at Linsly School, W. Va. (LOSS)Sept. 21 – 7 p.m. Allderdice (LOSS)Sept. 29 – 3:30 p.m USO (LOSS)Oct. 5 – 7 p.m. at Brashear (LOSS)Oct. 13 – 7 p.m. at Bridgeport, Ohio (WIN)Oct. 19 – 7 p.m. Westinghousecenter_img Like us at @NewPghCourier on Twitter read more

Deschamps highlights the contribution of Griezmann

first_img Regaring Coman, who left the field with a limp at the end, Deschamps said he twisted his ankle but “it is not serious” and “he is young, he will recover quickly.” 26/06/2016 at 22:48 Deschamps did admit that he raised his voice at the interval: “There are times when it is necessary to shake things up” in order to “calm” the players as well as “getting them going”. “Antoine is accustomed to playing in the forward line. Today he showed his usual ability and efficiency”, Deschamps noted after the game. “In the first half there were many fouls, a lot of provocation, so we had a lot to lose and needed more fluidity in our play”, he added. The coach justified the entrance of Kingsley Coman to strengthen “the offensive presence” of the team. He explained: “As Ireland defend in a compact manner, I decided to play Griezmann and Giroud together, along with increasing the pace on the wings with the inclusion of Coman.” He felt the team went on to create “more danger and many chances”. France manager Didier Deschamps stated this Sunday that he was not surprised by the great performance of Antoine Griezmann, whose two goals helped the French defeat Ireland in Lyon. CEST EFE Ireland had taken the lead through a Robbie Brady penalty after just two minutes, but the Atletico Madrid striker Griezmann led the comeback. His two goals within three second-half minutes gave the host nation their passage into the last eight.last_img read more

UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying groups

first_img 02/12/2018 GRUPO I Upd. at 17:07 GRUPO H GRUPO C GRUPO F Switzerland Denmark Ireland Georgia Gibraltar GRUPO G GRUPO B GRUPO H Croatia Wales Slovakia Hungary Azerbaijan IN SPORT.ES UEFA did a draw on Sunday in Dublin to ascertain the qualifying groups for Euro 2020: Belgium Russia Scotland Cyprus Kazakhstan San Marino GRUPO E CET GRUPO A Spain Sweden Norway Romania Faroe Islands Malta England Czech Republic Bulgaria Montenegro Kosovo Poland Austria Israel Slovenia Macedonia Latvia France Iceland Turkey Albania Moldovia Andorra RELATED STORIES Spain’s UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying group draw Portugal Ukraine Serbia Lithuania Luxembourg Holland Germany Northern Ireland Estonia Belarus Italy Bosnia and Herzegovina Finalnd Greece Armenia Liechtenstein GRUPO D Los grupos de la fase de clasificación de la Eurocopa 2020last_img read more

Surrey plays host to 2012 B.C. Summer Games

first_imgThere’s baseball players, soccer enthusiasts, volleyballers, hoopsters . . . and that’s just fro the West Kootenay.Kootenay athletes join counterparts from throughout the province in Surrey this weekend for the 2012 B.C. Summer Games. More than 2,600 athletes, their coaches and families are in Surrey for opening ceremonies Thursday.Competition begins Friday and runs through until Sunday’s closing ceremonies.”The B.C. Summer Games provide an excellent opportunity for young athletes to test their skills and abilities through healthy competition,” said Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts.”Our community has once again come together in a collaborative spirit, and I want to thank the thousands of volunteers who are helping us put on a world-class event.”Some fast facts on the 2012 Games: 2,366 athletes, 474 coaches and 323 officials will participate in the BC Summer Games. As many as 3,000 volunteers will contribute to the Games. The average age of the athletes is 14 years. 20 sports are included in the Games. 2,000 medals will be awarded in 284 medal presentation ceremonies. One coach with each Zone Team is required to be a fully certified NCCP Level 2 coach in his or her sport. Based on data from past Games, the estimated economic impact to the host community is $2.6 million. Volunteers will prepare more than 32,000 meals over the course of the Games. Surrey School District 36 has offered the use of area schools for athlete accommodation. The City of Surrey previously has hosted the BC Summer Games in 1989 and the BC Seniors Games in 2001.See the list of Kootenay athletes at: read more

Cross Country: Weekend Recap

first_img“This is a great start to the season,” said Chapoton. “I hope that we can see this as a flashpoint of things to come.” Up next for SFA is a trip to Houston, competing in the Rice Invitational on Friday, September 12th.- Return to top – For the Sam Houston men, Grant Buley was the top finisher with a seventh place 10:07.Other Bearkat marks included Ryan Saam (10:10) eighth, Evan Arambule (10:14) ninth, Logan Terry (10:16) 11th and J. T. Bounds (10:41) 20th.- Return to top – Sam Houston State at HBU/Sam Houston/Houston Double Duals at MacGregor ParkHOUSTON, Texas – Both the Sam Houston men’s and women’s cross country teams competed with the University of Houston and Houston Baptist in the Husky Invitational double dual meet at MacGregor Park in the Bayou city Friday afternoon. “This event was good for us,” said head coach Sean Brady. “It’s always good to see conference opponents early on and let them know that we mean business.” Justine Franklin and Rachael Davee completed the event in 41:30.0 to place 14th. Houston Baptist hosts HBU/Sam Houston/Houston Double Duals at MacGregor ParkHOUSTON, Texas – Juan Fraga finished third overall and helped the HBU men to a dual meet victory over Sam Houston State Friday in the HBU/Houston/Sam Houston Double Duals cross country season-opener at MacGregor Park. Running in a weather-shortened two-mile race, the sophomore from Aldine MacArthur clocked 10:01 to take third behind a pair of UH runners as the Huskies beat Sam Houston 22-35 and were edged by UH, 26-29.Jeremy Lewis was fifth at 10:04, and freshman Enrique Perez ran a strong debut effort to finish two seconds behind Lewis in sixth. The other scorers for HBU’s men were Oscar Garcia, who was 10th overall at 10:15, and freshman Daniel Shelton, who took 12th at 10:17.HBU’s women dropped both duals, 15-40 to Sam Houston and 16-40 to UH. Carolyn McClanahan was the top finisher for the Huskies in 10th, finishing with a time of 12:31. Gabriela Busquet, the team’s top finisher at the 2013 Southland Conference championship meet, was 12th at 12:43, and freshman Arielle Price (13th/12:54) and Stephanie Aguilar (14th/13:11) were the next across the line. Katie Haring rounded out the scoring in 16th at 13:28.Next on the schedule for the Huskies is the Rice Invitational on Sept. 12.- Return to top – Southeastern cross country will return to New Orleans on September 6th to compete in the Louisiana Army/National Guard/ROTC Wolfpack Invitational, hosted by Loyola.- Return to top – The men finished their night with score of 23-32, taking three of the top-five spots. Sophomore Edgar Martinez placed first in the 8k with a time of 15:25. Cesar Gonzalez (15:39) and newcomer Logan Pittdman (15:39) rounded out the top-five. Freshmen Jordan Wright (15:45) and Stephen Galli (15:48) finished sixth and seventh, respectively, in their first collegiate race. “Pan -American did a remarkable job with everything that went on. It was a miracle we even raced,” said head coach Shawn Flanagan. “When we drove up to the golf course water was at the door of the bus.” McNeese State hosts McNeese 6k RelaysLAKE CHARLES, La. – Newcomers came up big for McNeese at the annual running of the McNeese Cross Country Relay on Friday evening as Enok Bor posted the fastest time of all the men runners in his run and Cowgirl newcomer Rhian Dawes posted the best McNeese time. Bor, a native of Kenya, ran a time of 12:42 in the 4k race on the McNeese A team to lead all runners while teammate Ryan Holroyd, running with the McNeese B squad, closely followed with a split of 12:44.  Holroyd teamed with Nathan Jones to clock a total time of 25:10.71 to take first in the 17-team, 8k race. Southeastern Louisiana at UNO RelaysNew Orleans, La. – The Southeastern Louisiana University men’s and women’s cross country teams returned to Hammond with a pair of first place finishes after competing in the UNO Relays on Friday. Both McNeese teams will be back in action on September 12 when they take part in the Rice Invitational.- Return to top – “The relay lets us position runners to help them get accustomed to either running from ahead of the pack or running from behind,” said head coach Brendon Gilroy.  “It really prepares them better for full races. “I thought our guys did a really good job today. Obviously we had a good showing from Ryan (Holroyd) and Enok (Bor), but I thought Fisher (Hamilton) and Enrique (Soto) ran really well on the men’s side.  On the women’s side, both Gemma and Rhian had a nice showing.” Cori Storms clocked the Cowgirls’ third-fastest time at 11:01 followed by transfer and Lake Charles native Sara Booth who ran an 11:03 as did Alison Smegal. Bridge and Dawes, both transfers, teamed to give the Cowgirls an eighth place finish, the team’s highest mark of the day. Bridge ran a 10:54 on the first leg only to be beaten out by Dawes, who ran a 10:42 for the fastest time of the event for the Cowgirls. On the women’s side, the freshmen duo of Clarissa Smith and Celia Zaeringer finished with the event’s fastest combined time (25:38.50). Katie Neill and Jennifer Ernst teamed up for a fifth place finish (30:11.75), while newcomers Ivy Ainsworth and Haley Gregoire came in tenth (33:06.41). The LSU B team made up of Morgan Schuetz and Andria Augilar won the women’s event with a combined time of 19:52.58. For the men, junior Harry Wiggins and sophomore Andrew Brouilliette took first with a combined time of twenty-six minutes, 42.47 seconds. Finishing close behind in second were freshmen Isaiah Gilbert and Michael Perez (26:47.88). Freshman Trey Capello and junior Joseph Edwards placed fourth (27:39.38), while sophomore Stephen Cassingham and senior Tyler Waggenspack came in sixth (27:55.84) Ana Moreno, Olivia Olguin and Nicole Aponte were the Bearkat women’s top three performers, placing second, third and fourth in the individual standings. Moreno ran the two-mile course in 11:48, Olguin in 11:52 and Aponte in 11:54. Under the leadership of volunteer assistant coach Brandon Chapoton, Southeastern recorded impressive times from upperclassmen and newcomers alike. Southeastern cross country will return to New Orleans on September 6th to compete in the Louisiana Army/National Guard/ROTC Wolfpack Invitational, hosted by Loyola.- Return to top – On the women’s side, LSU took the first two places followed by Louisiana-Lafayette in the next two spots, Northwestern State in fifth, LSU sixth, ULL seventh and McNeese eighth.  The Cowgirls also finished 10th, 12th, 14th and 17th.  New Orleans hosts UNO RelaysNicholls at UNO RelaysNew Orleans, La. – The Southeastern Louisiana University men’s and women’s cross country teams returned to Hammond with a pair of first place finishes after competing in the UNO Relays on Friday. The Lions and Lady Lions were slated against Nicholls, UNO, and Southern in the event at Lake Oaks Park. Each team had three pairs of runners comprise a relay tandem and their respective finishes combined for the team score with first place earning one point, second place receiving two points, etc. UIW hosts Alamo City Opener Cassidy Allen (12:08) was sixth and Nina Gonzales (12:29) placed ninth to round out Bearkat finishes in the top 10. On the women’s side, the freshmen duo of Clarissa Smith and Celia Zaeringer finished with the event’s fastest combined time (25:38.50). Katie Neill and Jennifer Ernst teamed up for a fifth place finish (30:11.75), while newcomers Ivy Ainsworth and Haley Gregoire came in tenth (33:06.41). The race, which was structured so that each athlete would run 6,300 meters overall in 2,100-meter relay legs, also featured duos from Texas A&M and Stephen F. Austin. Becker and Riker combined to finish the 12,600-meter course in 37:05.3, which trailed the winning pair from Texas A&M by 26.3 seconds. On the men’s side, competing in the 12.6 kilometer relay, SFA was led by the duo of Connor McClain and Topper Markham as the two posted a time of 40:13.1. Kaleb Vasquez and Colby McCune finished second among the Lumberjack runners with a combined time of 40:40.1 with Sam Wallace and John Shirk running a 41:01.9, finishing eighth overall. Northwestern’s  first team-scored meet will take place Sept. 12 at Houston. Lamar at Aggie OpenerCOLLEGE STATION , Texas – Friday night’s cross country relay gave coach Darren Gauson a chance to see a number of his newcomers in action, and the German contingent of Jan Lukas Becker and Tobias Riker probably stood out among the pack as they placed second in men’s race at the Texas A&M Aggie Opener. “This is a great start to the season,” said Chapoton. “I hope that we can see this as a flashpoint of things to come.” Texas A&M swept both the men and women titles, recording a perfect six points on the women’s side while tallying nine points on the men. Lamar placed second in both events, finishing with 15 points for the men and 18 for the women. NSU has six more competitions this fall, including hosting the NSU Pre-Conference Meet on Oct. 6 and the Southland Conference Championships on Nov. 3 at the Demon Hills Golf Course.- Return to top –   The rain did not stop the Islanders from dominating the event once again. The women’s team swept the event finishing in first five spots and a score of 15-45. Vanessa Galindo grabbed the top spot in the 5k race finishing with a time of 10:50. Liz Romo finished just behind at 10:54 and Shelby Polasek took third at 11:05. Samantha Hardin (11:20) and Alexandria Rossi (11:32) finished fourth and fifth, respectively. “I thought everyone ran pretty well,” Gauson said. “It was a great debut for Tobias and Jan Lukas. Tobias had a really good kick at the end, but Sean was actually the quickest on that final leg. That was really pleasing for me to see, and it shows the kind of improvement he’s made since last year.” The Cowboys C team made up of Oliver James and Brock Moreaux, clocked a combined time of 25:42.07 to finish third while MSU D (Nicholas Kiprono and Hamilton) ran a 25:58.68 to finish fifth overall in the 17-team field. For the men, junior Harry Wiggins and sophomore Andrew Brouilliette took first with a combined time of twenty-six minutes, 42.47 seconds. Finishing close behind in second were freshmen Isaiah Gilbert and Michael Perez (26:47.88). Freshman Trey Capello and junior Joseph Edwards placed fourth (27:39.38), while sophomore Stephen Cassingham and senior Tyler Waggenspack came in sixth (27:55.84) Texas A&M-Corpus Christi at Rio Grande Valley RelaysEDINBURG, Texas – The Texas A&M – Corpus Christi men’s and women’s cross country battled heavy rain and bad conditions as they opened their season at the Rio Grande Valley Relays. The race was moved to the UT – Pan American campus after the original site was washed out due to flooding. “This event was good for us,” said head coach Sean Brady. “It’s always good to see conference opponents early on and let them know that we mean business.” For the SFA women, which ran an 8.4 kilometer race, the tandem of Taylor Anderson and Macy Davis was the first Ladyjack finisher, posting a combined time of 30:49.5 to place sixth. Taylor Bohr and Taylor Glasz placed seventh overall with a time of 31:02.2 while Taylor Kunkel and Mary Luster ran a 32:05.7, placing eighth. LSU A placed second with a mark of 25:19.28.  McNeese teams followed by placing third, fourth and fifth in the event.  Enok and Enrique Soto teamed to clock a 25:42.07 for a third place finish. Stephen F. Austin at Aggie OpenerCOLLEGE STATION, Texas – Stephen F. Austin opened up the 2014 cross country season with both the Lumberjacks and Ladyjacks placing third at the Aggie Opener. Both squads recorded 21 points, finishing behind host Texas A&M and Southland Conference rival Lamar. Houston Baptist hosts HBU/Sam Houston/Houston Double Duals at MacGregor Park    UIW hosts Alamo City OpenerLamar at Aggie OpenerMcNeese State hosts McNeese 6k RelaysNew Orleans hosts UNO RelaysNicholls at UNO RelaysNorthwestern State at McNeese 6K RelaysSam Houston State at HBU/Sam Houston/Houston Double Duals at MacGregor ParkSoutheastern Louisiana at UNO RelaysStephen F. Austin at Aggie OpenerTexas A&M-Corpus Christi at Rio Grande Valley RelaysCentral Arkansas at Brooks Memphis Twilight Classic As a team, LU finished second to the Aggies in both the men’s and the women’s races.Federico Gasbarri and Sean Chalmers placed fourth with a time 37:13.0, and the final LU pairing of Andres Espinosa and Tye Norman was 12th at 42:04.3. “Our guys overall competed well. Our female newcomers ran especially well,” he said. “It was a good landmark after a week and a half of training, and we learned a lot as athletes and competitors in this meet. The experience of running against other schools is something that helped us, and now that we’ve got our feet wet, especially considering the weather today, we’re able to go forward with a better idea of what lies ahead. This was a good milestone for our training.”The  meet was a tandem race, with two runners combining to cover the distance. “Both the men and the women ran steady races and that’s what we wanted to do. There were some rookie mistakes, but we will learn from them,” noted Flanagan. “I’m happy with how we finished and I think this will help us down the line in conference.” The women’s race saw each individual run 4,200 meters, and the team of Belinda Aguilar and Kaitlynn Warren were the top non-Aggie duo, placing fifth with a time of 30:22.6. Megan Flanagan and Chaynee Atwood were seventh at 30:32.7, while Cara Ortiz and Aleksandra Sokolova came in 13th at 34:34.5.  Central Arkansas at Brooks Memphis Twilight ClassicMEMPHIS , Tenn. – The University of Central Arkansas men’s cross country team placed three runners in the Top 20 and finished third overall at the Brooks Memphis Twilight Cross Country Classic.The men finished third out of 12 teams, while the UCA women were seventh out of 14 squads.Freshman Julian Jeandree finished 14th in a time of 20:43.82 for the four-mile run. Junior Ryan Davidson was 15th (20:47.99), while sophomore Grant Williams finished 18th (20:56.58). Junior Al Maeder was 21st (21:03.72), while junior Josh Quiroga was 22nd (21:04.41). Freshman Preston Borg came in 25th (21:08.45), freshman Alonzo Pollum was 28th (21:14.38) and freshman Brant Cook was 29th (21:16.98). For the UCA women, sophomre Brigette Caruthers led the way with a 27th place finish in a time of 19:17.50 over the 5K course. Freshman Diana Moreno was 32nd (19:23.94), followed by freshman Abigal Topham in 46th (20:05.58). Sophomore Madison Sewell was 55th (20:18.30), while junior Sophie Clauss was 64th (20:37.73) and freshman Helen Senesse was 67th (20:40.30).- Return to top – LU will return to action at the Rice Invitational on September 12.- Return to top – Northwestern State at McNeese 6K RelaysLAKE CHARLES, La. – Northwestern State’s cross country season began Friday in rainy, humid weather with a good relay effort at the McNeese Relay, with head coach Mike Heimerman satisfied with his competitors’ efforts in the season-opening competition. In the men’s 8,000 meter run at the Enos Derbonne Complex, Guy Butts and Joshua Wilkins finished in 26:57.84 to lead the Demons, followed by Louis Moncla and Jeremy Elliott in 28:43.81. Hunter Warmack and Skylor Reese came across in 29:35.57 and Tyler Corwin and Miles Brown finished in 34:41.63.The Lady Demons’ top tandem over a 6,000 meter course was Erin Wrozek and Jacqueline Rushford in 21:25.12 for fifth place. Emily Sitarz and Ashley Adams finished in 23:13.24, followed by Erin Sitarz and Annie Fillers in 23:44.08. Competitors from McNeese, LSU, UL-Lafayette and NSU ran in the meet, which was essentially a training event designed to allow runners to get a dose of competition against other schools. Under the leadership of volunteer assistant coach Brandon Chapoton, Southeastern recorded impressive times from upperclassmen and newcomers alike. The Lions and Lady Lions were slated against Nicholls, UNO, and Southern in the event at Lake Oaks Park. The cross country teams will return to action in three weeks, as they will compete in the Texas A&M Invitational Sep. 20 in College Station, Texas.- Return to top –last_img read more