Moving Checklist

first_imgSix weeks prior to moveContact a real estate agent in the local area. Start by looking in the Military Buyer’s Guide of this publication.Obtain quotes from moving and self-service companies and gather DIY estimates. Decide on the type of move best for your circumstances.Determine employer-covered expenses.Four weeks prior to moveCheck the preregistration procedures to enroll children in school. Get children’s transcripts, textbook list and a copy of their current school’s grading system. Ask teachers to write descriptions of each student’s achievement level, interests and any unusual courses taken.Request that copies of all family members’ medical and dental records and birth certificates be sent to your new home. Don’t forget your pets’ veterinary records.Notify the post office of your new address and obtain a change-of-address kit. Send change-of-address cards to friends, subscription services, creditors, alumni associations, the Department of Motor Vehicles and insurance companies.Begin packing seldom-used items and dispose of unwanted items through charities — get receipts for tax purposes.Contact the IRS for forms and regulations regarding tax-deductible moving expenses.Transfer or arrange for insurance to cover your home, furnishings and automobile.Three weeks prior to moveArrange to have appliances, utilities, newspapers, laundry, phone and cable television disconnected. Check on deposits. Set up connections at your new home.Make travel arrangements.Two weeks prior to moveHandle bills, stocks, investments and banking transfers.Arrange to transport pets and plants. Some states prohibit certain plants, so research before you move.Clean cupboards and plan remaining meals so you can pack what you don’t need.One week prior to moveDiscontinue delivery services such as the newspapers.Clean and sort items in the garage and attic.Clean out your safety deposit box and place all valuables and documents together. If the items can’t be replaced, carry them with you.Two days prior to moveDefrost and dry refrigerators and freezers.Arrange for cash or traveler’s checks for trip expenses and payment to the mover upon delivery.Reconcile and close checking account. Withdraw savings.Conclude any financial matters relating to the lease or sale of your home.Pack luggage. Set aside items you will need immediately upon arrival — a few dishes, pots and pans, towels, soap, bedding, light bulbs, flashlights and toilet paper.Leave a forwarding address with new tenant or neighbor.Moving dayConfirm your delivery date with your mover and provide directions to your new residence as well as primary and secondary contact numbers or email addresses.Pay close attention to the mover’s paperwork. You will need to sign it upon completion of loading and then unloading at your new residence.Supervise the movers to make sure your instructions are understood. Review any damage to your belongings noted by the moving foreman or supervisor.Double-check your residence for forgotten items before leaving.Move-in dayClear and mark paths to all rooms to help the movers place the boxes.Supervise unloading.Note any damage to your boxes or furniture.Review paperwork carefully to make sure all your belongings arrived.last_img read more

New company and new MD for Allu

first_imgPeter Grönholm is Allu Finland managing director from July 1It will form the cornerstone of Allu’s ongoing research and development programme and the company envisages that following successful testing and fine tuning, applicable new innovations will be incorporated into new Allu products which will subsequently be introduced to market.The new company will be headed by Markku Jonninen, Allu Group founder and chairman of the board.The company has also named the new managing director of Allu Finland. Peter Grönholm, who will join on July 1, has extensive experience in sales, marketing and supply chain management and as a managing director of international organisations in Finland, the Nordic countries and the USA.He is currently vice president, supply chain and operations in Germany for Cavotec Group a supplier of industrial equipment.“Our strategy is for profitable growth, earnings and internationalization,” said Markku Jonninen.“Peter is a result and solution-focused, well-thought-off team player, in addition to which he has achieved great results with strong leadership skills. Peter’s experience in international business also played a significant role in the selection.” Allu Group has created a new company to develop future attachment technology, solutions and equipment.Allu Innovation and Research Centre will operate as a separate corporate entity alongside other group companies, but independent from the existing manufacturing, production and general operational structure.#*#*Show Fullscreen*#*#last_img read more

Kuala Lumpur – Singapore high speed rail market sounding begins

first_imgASIA: Malaysian land transport commission SPAD and Singapore’s Land Transport Authority have jointly launched a market-sounding exercise for the Kuala Lumpur – Singapore high speed rail project. The proposed 330 km line would offer a 90 min journey time between the cities. The request for information issued on October 7 is intended to gauge market interest and gather industry opinion on commercial and technical aspects of the project. This would help to inform ongoing bilateral discussions and the future tendering process. Responses are sought from companies and consortia interested in participating in the design, funding, construction, operation and maintenance of the line, and/or which have experience of large and complex infrastructure projects.‘This market-sounding exercise marks a major milestone in our HSR journey’, said a joint statement issued by Malaysian Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Wahid Omar and Singapore’s Co-ordinating Minister for Infrastructure & Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan. ‘It is important for us to be properly informed of industry views. We want to use this exercise to gauge market interest in the project and solicit views on different models and approaches. The feedback is crucial in helping us refine and validate our options, which will in turn help ensure a successful tender process’.High speed rail could ‘catalyse economic growth, unlock new opportunities, and transform the way our peoples and businesses interact’, said Khaw Boon Wan. However, ‘there are many examples of countries that have failed in their HSR aspirations or their HSRs have run into serious financial problems. A common reason is the gulf between the government’s ambitions and the market reality. This market-sensing exercise is intended to close that gulf.’More information is available at or The deadline for responses is November 18.last_img read more

Safety train on tour

first_imgUSA: Norfolk Southern’s safety train has begun a 23-city tour to provide free emergency response training to first responders including fire and law enforcement departments, medical services and hazmat response teams, military and homeland security personnel and railway customers and suppliers.The train comprises a specially branded locomotive, two vans converted into 30-seat classrooms, examples of DOT-105, DOT-111, DOT-112 and DOT-117 tank wagons and two 89 ft intermodal flat wagons. Each 4 h training session includes classroom instruction and hands-on training inside the locomotive and on the wagons. Last year Norfolk Southern provided training for around 5 600 people in 18 states. ‘We’re committed to moving all materials on our railroad safely’, said John Irwin, Norfolk Southern Assistant Vice-President, Safety & Environmental. ‘Important components of our safety culture include building relationships with first responders in the 22 states where NS operates and providing in-person educational opportunities like the Operation Awareness & Response train.’last_img read more

Lauderhill Police Dept. yet to assign a new permanent Chief of…

first_imgSince early August when Andrew Smalling resigned as Chief of Police of the City of Lauderhill Police Department, a new permanent chief has not been appointed. Since Smalling’s resignation the department’s deputy chief Major Constance Stanley has been serving as interim chief. Howeverm some of the city residents are concerned why a permanent successor hasn’t been named.“We need to know if Major Stanley will be given the position, or if a new chief is going to be appointed, “ said Lucas Wells, a long time city resident and community organizer. “This is a small city, but one that can have big law enforcement problems. The residents needs to know who is the real chief, not the interim chief.”After his resignation, Smalling served as a consultant to the Department. Some residents assumed the city would have settled on Smalling’s permanent successor before his consulting assignment ended on November 3. However, a successor was not named, and Stanley continues to serve as interim chief.One possible obstacle is finding a suitable successor“We are a relatively small city,” said resident Curtis Jennings another resident. “And it may there’s be a problem finding a suitable replacement from within the city.”The commission has passed a new ordinance which, according to city information officer Leslie Johnson, allows the city to consider an applicant for police chief from outside the city at the city manager’s discretion.But Johnson also noted that the city has not advertised for a new chief.“The City Manager also has the discretion to keep the interim manager in place as long as he thinks necessary, confirm the interim manger as the permanent police chief, or decide to advertise for the position if he so determine,” said Johnsonlast_img read more