Botev (Pd) – CSKA 0: 0 (Development of the match by…

first_img90 + 3 ′ END OF THE MATCH! Zero draw between Botev and CSKA for the Cup, the mistakes of Sow guaranteed the intrigue for the rematchThe expectations for a spectacle of Komatevo did not come true 90 + 1 ′ FILIPOV WAS EXPELLED! At the end of the match the hosts were left with one less person. Filip Filipov allowed himself to make two quick penalty cards, which meant a premature end to his participation in the semifinals.89 ′ Philip Philip receives a yellow card from the Chief Judge.85 ′ Played a strong match Graham Carey is replaced by Edwin Jesse.82 ′ Ahmed Ahmedov will replace the central striker Ali Sow.80 ′ The coach of CSKA – Milos Kruscic receives a card for his angry reactions to the chief judge.77 ′ AND AGAIN A PASS! KNOW WHO? Ali Sow’s teammates watched in disbelief after another big omission of their Gambian counterpart in the 77th minute. The African again failed to give Sofia an invaluable lead, this time his ball was centered by Enrique Rafael, but here the former player of Chievo lost his individual battle against Yanko Georgiev.75 ′ ALI SOU! A quarter of an hour before the end, Ali Sow made another pass with the CSKA team. The Gambian enjoyed a perfect cross from Graham Carey and won the air duel against Bandalovski. However, aiming his head passed safely over the top beam.72 ′ The participation of Antonio Vutov in this match is over. The attacking player of the hosts has been replaced by Dimitar Tonev.71 ′ PASS ON THE DRUM! Not long after, Botev’s fans also cursed the fate of the lack of sports happiness. In the 71st minute Antonio Vutov remained uncovered in the penalty area of ​​CSKA. The firing angle turned out to be too small and he chose to combine it with the Burbano reserve. The winger tried to overcome Busato technically with a heel, but his skills did not turn out to be of the highest class.68 ′ TIAGO! CSKA created its clearest goal position in the 68th minute. Tiago created an excellent double pass with Malinov, which boiled Botev’s defense unprepared. From a comfortable position, however, the Portuguese did the hard thing and shot straight at the feet of the opponent’s goalkeeper.65 ′ FAST EXCHANGE OF BLOWS! Todor Nedelev created himself and decided to finish Botev’s action in the 65th minute. The playmaker from Plovdiv dealt with Antov and shot from over 20 meters, but away from Busato’s door. It was also interesting on the other side of the field. Enrique Rafael, who appeared as a reserve, tried his best to reflex Georgiev, who with one hand sent a cunning shot into the corner of the Brazilian.64 ′ The young man Stanislav Shopov is replaced by the Latin American Fabio Bourbano.63 ′ Another change for the “Army”. Enrique Raphael appears in place of Stefano Beltrame.62 ′ Milos Kruscic takes his first substitution in this match. Thiago will replace the disappointed one tonight Evandro. The Brazilian is not happy at all.57 ′ Yellow card for the player as a defensive midfielder tonight for CSKA – Valentin Antov.56 ′ BELTRAME !! Ali Sow became more active and in the next attack he again proved elusive for the young Stanislav Rabotov. His pass on the penalty kick for Stefano Beltrame followed, who could have scored for the “Army”, but Filipov bravely threw himself at his feet and so everything ended in the safest way possible for the “Canaries”.55 ′ ALI SOU !! CSKA created its first goal position for the second half in the 55th minute. Ali Sow reminded of himself after he took with him three defenders of Botev and made a diagonal shot, which in the end did not find the far corner of Georgiev.52 ′ The coaching staff of Botev (Pd) faced an unexpected difficulty in the 52nd minute. Jonathan Pereira received a blow to the ribs and had to be forcibly replaced by Lazar Marin.47 ′ Official warning for Christian Malinov from CSKA.45 ′ THE GAME IS RENEWED!45 ′ HOLIDAY!40 ′ Stefano Beltrame did not follow Botev’s star – Alexander Tonev and the winger with №7 scored in the penalty area of ​​CSKA. However, no football player of the “canaries” was found to catch Busato in the net.34 ′ Yellow card for Radoslav Terzievwho detained Ali Sow. <br /> 33 ′ Botev reminded that he could be dangerous in front in the 33rd minute. Evandro showed delayed reactions against Tonev and this allowed the former national to center sharply for Vutov. However, Levski’s teenager had problems with direct shooting and his will turned out to be quite disappointing.27 ′ CHANCE FOR CSKA !! Botev’s goalkeeper (Pd) – Yanko Georgiev decided to return the gesture to his colleague Busato in the 27th minute and also made a mistake. The former goalkeeper of September hung in a corner and only the slower reaction of Evandro deprived CSKA of the first goal in this semifinal.25 ′ CSKA carried out their attacks mainly on the right flank, where Graham Carey and Ivan Turitsov were quite insistent with their inclusions.20 ′ A blow to the face of Lacho Baltanov in a fight for a high ball. There is nothing to worry about with the host captain and he will not need medical help.14 ′ Two of Botev’s leaders – Todor Nedelev and Lachezar Baltanov played well in the center and the second fired a shot from medium distance, which did not lead to anything more dangerous.8 ′ BUSO’S ERROR! Out of nowhere, the CSKA team could get into big trouble with the onset of the 8th minute. Their Brazilian goalkeeper Gustavo Busato did not intervene well in Tonev’s cross and almost gave the ball to the lurking Toshko Nedelev. In the end, it all ended with a corner for the “yellow-blacks”.6 ′ Botev’s (Pd) coaching staff jumped like a sting for a controversial ball in the 6th minute, when no touch was awarded to Plovdiv near their bench. Graham Carey, for his part, took the leather ball a little rougher from a home player and was called a “mouse” by reserve Lazar Marin. <br /> 3 ′ Although the sports complex in Komatevo was not a favorite of the “reds”, the players of CSKA were the ones who showed more activity after the first referee signal. Proof of the high ambitions of Sofia turned out to be a long shot by Graham Carey, which, however, did not bother Yanko Georgiev in any way.1 ′ BEGINNING OF THE MATCH!last_img

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