A.B. didn’t even call Mr. Rooney back! (Jan. 9)

first_imgLike us at https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Pittsburgh-Courier/143866755628836?ref=hlFollow @NewPghCourier on Twitter  https://twitter.com/NewPghCourier ANTONIO BROWN—Will he be a Pittsburgh Steeler next season? (AP PHOTO):10—Well, boys and girls, here we go again. And, it’s not like we haven’t had this conversation before. “There is no ‘I’ in Team” …“Teams win championships”…“No man is an island.” Take your pick but old sayings get to be old for a reason!:09—Will you people…and some of you racists…please stop trying to blame Coach Tomlin for A.B.’s ills. Antonio Brown is a grown ___ man. You wanna blame the coach for some bad play calling or time management, so be it; but not for A.B.’s self-centered game plan.:08—To which I ask any of you reading this that still has a job somewhere. If your boss calls you on the phone and you don’t call him back, how long do you think you’ll have a job? You know! Look, A.B. didn’t even call Mr. Rooney back. C’mon man!:07—For those of you reading that played the game. Do you think for one minute you can skip practice all week and just show up on gameday and expect to play? Mmmaaannnnn please!!!:06—And, if you’re a back-up wide receiver on the team “bustin your butt” every day in practice, every day…you may act like you don’t care…but trust me, you care.:05—The great and legendary Sidney Poitier once said that his father demanded one thing of him —“Do Not Disgrace Our Name!” It causes me to ask this of Antonio Brown as well as Le’Veon Bell and others. What about your name, your legacy, your reputation, your image. How do you not care about the future you leave? (BTW, that right there is deep. Think about it.):04—Some of you may not realize it, but, as great as A.B. is, and he is the best in the game, the Steelers have not won a Super Bowl due to his greatness. Meaning, “I can lose with you or without you!” (that’s deep, too.):03—And, tell me again how you can’t find a way to get along with the guy that passed all those yards to you. “It takes Two to Tango.” (that’s deep too, but it’s not mine…):02—And, of course the thing you want to do to endear yourself to Steeler Nation and ownership is to do an Instagram message with James Harrison. Hey man, love ya both and Lord knows you are two of the best ever, but, that’s just dead wrong.:01—I’ll leave you with this just in case you forgot. If they can trade Franco Harris, they can trade anybody!!! (Mic Drop!):00—GAME OVER.last_img

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