POM cricket completes week 9 of comp

first_imgIn the men’s premier division, Dulux United are sitting in first place on 36 competition points from 6 wins, no losses and 1 bye.The top 5:Dulux United (36), Pacific MMI Coasters (30), Pure Water Raukele (24), Badili Hardware Wanderers (24) and Hoods (18).The U19 men’s division ladder sees Badili Hardware Wanderers on top with 24 points. This comes off 5 wins and 1 loss by forfeit.The top 5:Badili Hardware Wanderers (24), IBS Poreporena (18), Dulux United (18), Pacific MMI Coasters (18) and Pure Water Raukele (12). Badili Hardware Wanderers are also leaders in the men’s reserve division.The top 5:Badili Hardware Wanderers (36), JND Imanakone (36), IBS Poreporena (30), Hoods (30) and Dulux United (18).The women’s division is being led by Dulux United who have racked up 36 points from 6 wins and 1 loss.The top 5:Dulux United (36), Hoods (36), Pacific MMI Coasters (36), IBS Poreporena (24) and Badili Hardware Wanderers (18).last_img

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