ECM: Unstructured Data Challenges

first_imgHave you got data? Many companies have a lot more than they know what to do with. 53 percent of the 238 IT managers surveyed across multiple industries in North-America and UK said that they had more than 11 terabytes of unstructured data to contend with, so much so that that they were feeling “a lot of pain”. The organizations represented government, professional services, financial services, retail and telecom.Not too surprisingly, the IT execs say that the types of files consuming the most space are Microsoft Office documents (78 percent), email attachments (66 percent), and backup and archival data files (81 percent). Compounding the problem are collaboration tools that replicate and distribute multiple copies of the same content across the enterprise.Technology solutions are coming to the rescue to help store ever greater amounts data. Those technologies include clustered storage, distributed file systems, file virtualization and WAFS. But still data remains scattered in the enterprise, lacking a centralized way to access it. The next generation of ECM will be able to provide enterprises centralized views of their data across a spectrum of storage devices and systems.The good news is that IT recognizes the unstructured data explosion problem and is ready to respond. The majority of those surveyed expect that their budgets will grow 20 percent over the next year.last_img

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