EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement: Joint Commission to Meet in Brussels

Rabat – The joint commission in charge of implementing the new partnership agreement between Morocco and the European Union covering fisheries and fishing rights will meet in Brussels on October 14-16 to assess the results of the new protocol.According to MAP, the meeting will focus on the scientific meetings held previously in June and September and will address the technical aspects of fisheries activities. The meeting will also review sectoral support after two years of the agreement’s implementation.The joint committee held its first meeting in Rabat on September 4 and 5, 2015, where it approved provisions linked to the technical and financial aspects of the new protocol adopted by the two parties on July 15, 2014.Following the signing of the protocol, Morocco issued fishing licenses to European vessels from 11 EU member states: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, and the United Kingdom The new fisheries protocol, which is in effect for four years, seeks to develop economic cooperation between Moroccan and European operators in the fishing industry in Morocco.The protocol is conditioned package that includes payment of 40 million Euros per year provided by the EU as part of its budget to develop the Moroccan fishery sector and 10 million Euros paid by ship owners for the payment of licenses fees.The EU and Morocco concluded the 4-year fisheries deal in December, 2013, after a lengthy negotiation process of more than two years over the objection of some members of the European Parliament to the agreement.

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