Not acting decisively

first_imgThe problems coming from Covid are compounding day by day. The scarcity of medical protective equipment and inadequate testing has affected the fire fighting spirit. In some areas the doctors have been manhandled which indicates that people have not taken the message of emergency and lockdown very clearly. The CM could have done better in controlling the situation. As everything has been left to PM who has the limitations to come on TV very frequently. The CMs were expected to be taken on Board and the problem should have been discussed from length to breadth. As the lockdown is increasing day by day the CMs are bothering the PM to release relief package. Whereas how FM has reached at package of Rs. 1.70 lacs crores appears a layman guess. In case all the States were taken into confidence they should also have spoken their mind. Unilaterally working in New Delhi could not be so fruitful when the problems are to be faced in the States. What Kejriwal is doing first the migrant workers had gone in panic to catch transport and later the police whisked them away. The labor class must be asking them that they are the one who have created such superb infrastructure but the way they had been put in lurch is not being heard. Yogi Aditaya Nath out of his crude imagination offered 1000 buses to transport the migrant worker and finally centre has awakened that they could be large virus carriers and hence must be dumped where ever they have reached. All the government employees are holidaying and it is the police and magistrates who are grappling with the odds of shutdown and maintaing essential services. The essential services are for the urban areas and what is happening in rural areas there is no smell of it. The State governments are demanding additional packages but the government has already committed to spending huge revenue on employees. This time what would be the fate of subsidies is unknown. The real problem is with the people in the rural areas and migrant workers as neither supply chain is ensured nor cash is reaching. In this magnitude of crisis the salaries of the employees must be cut down by at least 40 percent. Earlier the private sector had taken the leave from the employees and the salary would not be paid. The education in urban areas may remain secured for few months but the children in rural areas are left to the mercy of corona. While US is expected to lose large number of lives the unilateral decision making of the central government could miss the estimated affected person. The way the number of cases are increasing when the curve will be flat and bend down at least does not appear to be feasible by 15 th April. Half of the people donot under stand social distancing and it is better not to talk about the hygiene and providing them the mask. There is complete loss of accurate message and cross information are flowing everywhere. Some select section of the society who have sufficient cash can bear the stay for few days more but the problems of large number of people who donot have buffer is going to mount. It is therefore important to stop worrying to pay the high paid employees and divert the money to deprived even if it is to be done by handing over the cash in their hands. Time has come that monetisation be resorted though the fear of inflation crops up but given the fact that it is only cashless people who are expected to take hit. The virus as such is not docile and it is going to take long haul before it comes under control. Had it been simple the high reached countries should have not seen their people dying. It is natural calamity and humanity is nearing the curse therefore donot put the value to lives and shower all cash to be distributed equally among all.last_img read more

Into the storm

first_img“Hope you are doing well.”I saw one faint signal bar on my phone. Connectivity was dwindling after the deleterious hell that ravaged my city. The first notification than popped on my phone was an email that started as all emails do: “Hope you are having a good day.” My immediate thought was, you cannot! You cannot imagine the day I’ve had. What my city went through. Unless you have lived it. And I was shocked at the violence with which the bile of these thoughts surged through my mind.Once the privilege of social media was back, I scrolled through the updates and found that a debate was raging (mostly on Facebook). It was between people raising their voice against the infrastructure and the hapless situation they were in, demanding answers from the government, and people expressing concern over the raised voices by calling out electricity, clean water as a privilege compared to the devastation that survivors of the Sundarbans or villagers across Bengal were facing.My first thought was, do we really need a debate now? However, a keyboard war, sprinkled with political hues at times was already underway. While reading the lengthy posts, wherein both groups made some pertinent points, what went through my mind was that: I don’t have it figured out. None of us does. Stuffed into this rusty, squalid juncture of life. I do not have philosophical, spiritual or economic insight. I can only hope for better days ahead.Before you discard me like a snowflake. Let me tell you. Amphan* showed me the nakedness of my privilege. I did have the idea always rustling in the corners of my mind. We all do. It raises its head occasionally with news reports informing us about the hardships befallen on the humans in less fortunate conditions. Always, somewhere in the corners of our minds, we thank God it was not us at the receiving end of the violence, accident, riot, etc. The recent ongoing plight of the migrant workers is beyond our imagination, truly beyond. However, while being aghast at their plight, didn’t we all take comfort in the thought that it was not us? If you are curling your lips derisively at the statement. Think again. Somewhere in your subconscious, you did let out a sigh of relief.Amphan came in. Rattled my entitled house. Broke my glass windows easily with a dismissive swoosh. Flooded my balcony and living room. Shook my strong, brick-walled residence, just a playful nudge in hindsight. It ripped off the power, network in phone and access to clean water. Through it all though, I could still thank God. Because comparatively, it was small damage. All of my family and friends made it out alive.However, it was enough to scare me to the core. The sheer power of Nature and its mocking dismissive stance should be enough to jolt all of us. In that affrighted feeling, I was alone; all of us were alone. No need for a fact check or debate here.Again, it is nothing, a big ZERO compared to the ordeal of many. Nevertheless, I understand. I understand why people are complaining about the lack of necessities like electricity and clean water. I went through it for just 2 days. I won’t know what people going through it for 3 or 4 days might have felt. And if I pretend to know, I would be the most obnoxious pedant alive (too much?). I would never even get close toward understanding what the people in the Sundarbans or migrant workers are facing. I am not living through their hell. I am not living through the hell of people who are still without power and water, with kids or ailing parents, or just facing it all alone. And, I also understand why people are speaking in favour of emergency workers and urging others to remain calm. The streets with overturned electric poles are death traps; CESC workers are literally putting their lives at risk, trying to restore electricity. The very migrant workers sent off to a gruelling never-ending journey would not magically come back to cut the giant uprooted trees. There, some Karma for us, finally. No, Modi and Mamata are not responsible for everything under the sun.Patience, we need patience.I understand or even if I don’t, the least I could do in my insignificant existence is to try to understand a different perspective and be compassionate.The time has come to end this tiring trend of belittling the choices and behaviours of others. No matter what side you argue on, the very idea that what YOU think is the epitome of truth and everything else is dark, pessimistic, immoral or ignorant is dogmatic. The fact that during the time of lockdown, social distancing and feeble connectivity, the moment we get back online we start spewing hatred or hold ourselves at the higher moral ground by demeaning others, shows how empathy has been wrung out from our souls. Whether we agree or disagree on certain ideas, thoughts or actions, during this trying times, shouldn’t all conversations start with a genuine “Hope you are doing well?”I am not writing this to display I am more woke or better than other humans. I am not. I am writing this because, at the crux of it, I feel helpless, knowledge-less and powerless. And not in a position to lecture anyone on how they should behave or deal with this situation. We might have all gone through it together, but only you are confronting your demons. I don’t know what the right or wrong reaction to this situation should be. All I know is that after the tirade, every “How are you”, “Hope you are safe” and “Hope you and your family are well” felt like a warm hug at the end of perdition. The air redolent of storm and destruction seemed a little less pernicious and hope gleamed through the creaks of my broken windows.If I have not walked in your shoes, I won’t lecture you on how to put them on. But I can be kind and cheer you on to complete your journey. I would not belittle you if you are venting out your anxiety and demanding answers from authorities for your plight. I would not argue with you if you want to be compassionate toward the people working for emergency services. And about the political cherry-top of the discussion – that’s one thing I do care less about. Simply put, I have no expectations from any political party or media. I have more expectations from the common people, from my friends and family.All I can do in this difficult time is hope, really HOPE that we all will be okay. That we have good days ahead, and that we make it through this carnage and emerge as a more humble, co-existing species. That Nature through its wake up calls can once again alter us into real humans with emotions, empathy, flaws and friendly smiles. We can be people, who, after a natural calamity can first think of asking others “Hope you are well”, before driving off toward the endless differences that divide us.(from Wikipedia) Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan was a powerful and deadly tropical cyclone that caused widespread damage in East India and Bangladesh in May 2020. West Bengal, the epicentre of the cyclone’s landfall, saw the most widespread damage from Amphan. The storm was considered the strongest to hit the region in over a decade. At least 86 people died in West Bengal. The state government estimated that the storm caused at least ₹1 trillion (US$13.2 billion) in damage and directly affected 70% of the state’s population. The greatest inundations were expected in the Sundarbans, embankments were overtaken by the surge, leading to inundation of the islands.last_img read more

Family described ‘rain’ of volcanic rock as Hawaiian boat tour hit by lava bomb

first_imgABC News(HONOLULU, Hawaii) — It was supposed to be a bucket-list moment for Dawn Li, an exciting family outing to see where the river of lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano spills into the ocean.But in a flash, the pre-dawn boat tour on Monday for Li, her husband, and their two children turned into a horror show when a so-called “lava bomb” erupted, sending rocks raining on the vessel loaded with photo-snapping tourists.“I had just said, ‘This is like a Jurassic experience.’ And my husband said, ‘Well, this is on your bucket list,’” Dawn Li told ABC News. “So, we were super excited to see it. It was amazing. But the explosion hit and we all sort of turned simultaneously and my husband kind of leaned over me but we could feel the rocks hitting us.”Piercing screams broke out on the packed tour boat. A rock, or lava bomb, the size of a basketball came crashing through the aluminum roof of the Lava Ocean Tours boat aptly dubbed the “Hot Spot.”“It was literally like an explosion. I’ve never experienced anything like this,” said Li’s husband, Dr. Kaming Li, a trauma surgeon. “Just lava flying everywhere, and then this huge explosion and this very large rock hit the boat. When it hit the boat, it crashed through the roof and landed on a person and it was still glowing when it was on the ground.”Dawn Li said she was afraid the rock was so hot it was going to burn through the bottom of the boat. She said the captain and a crew member wrapped it up and shoved it overboard.After Kilauea first erupted in May, the U.S. Coast Guard restricted boats from coming within 984 feet of where the lava flow dumps into the ocean on the northeast side of Hawaii’s Big Island. But some experienced boat operators, including Lava Ocean Tours, have been allowed special permits to take tourists as close as 164 feet from the shoreline.Greg Valentine, a geology professor at the University of Buffalo’s College of Arts and Sciences, told ABC News that the term “lava bomb” refers to the bomb-shaped size of particles hurled in the air generally when they explode from the spout of a volcano. Any projectile larger than 6.4 centimeters in diameter meets the definition of a lava bomb, he said.He said the thing that was unusual about Monday’s lava-bomb event was that it was caused by an interaction of molten lava with sea water.“Sometimes the lava and the water interact in a certain way and creates a very powerful explosion,” Valentine said, adding that some projectiles can travel up to three miles and be as large as a couple of meters in diameter.Dawn Li said that when the explosion occurred panic spread through the tour boat and everyone rushed to the side furthest from the shoreline.“It’s raining lava rock,” Dawn Li said of the moment. “It’s hot, it’s steamy. My fear was that we were going to capsize because everybody ran to the other side of the boat and you could feel the heat and the steam coming up and the sulfuric fumes.”The water around the boat was “very hot,” Kaming Li said.“We think there was probably a lot of lava underneath the ocean at that place,” he said.Dawn Li added: “You could feel it bubbling, the steam coming up.”Passengers were being pummeled by red-hot rocks. Dawn Li showed ABC News one about the size of a golf ball that hit her.Her husband began treating peoples’ injuries, including a woman who was hit by the basketball-size rock that crashed through the boat’s roof. Her femur was fractured, officials said.“I used to be a trauma surgeon at USC,” said Kaming Li. “I’ve seen a lot of things. This was just crazy.”In the chaos, Dawn Li became separated from her teenage children, Christopher and Erica.“I started game planning in my mind: The life vests. Who can swim? If we go over, how do we keep ourselves from the shore?” she said. “My kids were separated from me, and so I was just like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to get to my kids.’”Erica Li said the experience went from terrific to terrifying in seconds.“It was really surreal,” she said.Christopher Li said when the explosion occurred he ducked for cover.“I immediately got on the ground and covered my neck,” Christopher said. “I got hit in the arms.”Both of his legs were also scalded by the downpour of sizzling rocks.“I got third-degree burns, some second-degree,” Christopher said. “But I’m glad to be alive.”Officials said 23 people aboard the boat were injured, but none were in life-threatening condition. Four people were hospitalized at Hilo Medical Center.“I thought for a moment that this was it, this is how it’s going to go,” Kaming Li said. “It was a terrifying moment.”Still holding the rock that hit her, Dawn Li said that while she usually collects rocks from wherever she and her family travel, this was a souvenir she didn’t plan to keep.“I’m going to leave it back for the Gods of Pele so that we have no more bad juju,” she said as she hurled it into the water.Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

FT Bilingual Retention Specialist

first_imgPosition Title: FT Bilingual RetentionSpecialistPosition Classification: Full-Time Twelve (12)Month FacultyMinimum Position Qualifications:Academic Rank: InstructorEducation – Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology,Social Work, or a related field; Master’s Degree preferred.Experience – One (1) year experience instudent services or a related field. Bilingual Spanish/Englishfluency required.Skills – Excellent written, oral andinterpersonal communication skills; ability to organize, prioritizeand problem solve; collaborate with staff; effective listening,probing and assessment skills; computer skills required.Position Responsibilities:Facilitate successful student completion of enrollment processincluding conducting new student orientation process; maintainassigned student caseload; meet with students who have beenidentified as at risk through the early alert process and makereferrals to other college personnel as necessary; review studentrecords for retention issues; follow up on progress; assists andproblem solves financial issues presented by students; provideacademic advising to students; coaches and guides students throughadministrative, financial and academic perceived barriers that arepreventing student’s retention; assists in the development andimplementation of retention programs by following up on existinginitiatives and identifying new initiatives; engage in proactiveoutreach and ongoing contact with students to promote retention;initiate and maintain effective working relationships withcounselors, advisors, faculty and administration to facilitatestudents’ understanding of College policies and procedures;maintain accurate and timely data and prepare reports as directed;the above duties are charged to the Perkins grant when services aredelivered to Career Technical Education (CTE) students. Must bewilling to work flexible hours to include some evenings, weekendsand at dedicated center locations as needed and/or during peakregistration periods.last_img read more

Watch The Werks Cover The Disco Biscuits’ ‘Home Again’ From TWERK Tour

first_imgWhen you see The Werks, you get a little bit of everything… some jam, some funk, some good ol’ rock and roll. As the band powers along their TWERK Tour with Twiddle, they kindly shared with us a taste of some jam-tronica chops. This cover of The Disco Biscuits’ classic tune, “Home Again”, comes from a powerful performance at Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore, MD.Twiddle And The Werks Release Hilarious Teaser For Twerk Tour, Presented By L4LMCheck out this pro-shot footage, as provided by The Werks:The Werks and Twiddle continue their TWERK tour, tonight, at The Canopy Club in Urbana, IL. Check out the full schedule below, with ticket links available for any upcoming performance in a town near you. Don’t miss out, as these bands are coming in hot!TWERK Tour Dates10/29    Urbana, IL    The Canopy Club10/30    Grand Rapids, MI    The Stache10/31    Chicago, IL    Bottom Lounge11/1    Chicago, IL    Chop Shop11/3    Iowa City, IA    Blue Moose Tap House11/4    Omaha, NE    Waiting Room11/5    Kansas City, MO    The Riot Room11/6    Fort Collins, CO    Aggie Theatre11/7    Boulder, CO    Boulder Theater11/10    Seattle, WA    Tractor Tavern11/11    Portland, OR    Star Theater11/12    Eugene, OR    The WOW Hall11/13    San Francisco, CA    The Independent11/14    Crystal Bay, NV    Crystal Bay Club11/19    Bloomington, IN    Bluebird Nightclub11/20    Columbus, OH    Newport Music Hall11/21    Cleveland, OH    The Beachland Ballroom & Tavernlast_img read more

Regan Smith to join FOX NASCAR pit road reporting team in 2018

first_imgCHARLOTTE, NC – As NASCAR prepares to honor its Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion this weekend in Las Vegas and teams finalize their 2018 lineups, FOX Sports has begun stacking its broadcaster deck for 2018.New to the FOX NASCAR arsenal next year, the network’s 18th consecutive season broadcasting NASCAR races, is veteran driver Regan Smith, who will serve as a pit reporter for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and NASCAR XFINITY Series, in addition to continuing his role as a NASCAR Race Hub analyst. He took a broadcasting test drive with his race analyst debut last June at Iowa Speedway for FS1’s presentation of the NASCAR XFINITY Series race.“When I had the opportunity to be in the FOX Sports booth at Iowa earlier in the year, the driver in me was really intrigued by the TV side of the sport,” Smith said. “So, my biggest goal in joining pit road is to be able to give viewers something they didn’t know before or to better help them understand something going on with the driver or the car. Since I am still competing, I can put into perspective what a driver is feeling at a particular moment.”Smith, winner of the prestigious Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway in 2011 and 2008 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Rookie of the Year, has regularly appeared as a driver analyst on FS1’s NASCAR Race Hub since 2015.“We’ve enjoyed and appreciated Regan’s insight in the NASCAR Race Hub studio but really had our eyes opened to his broadcasting potential at Iowa last summer,” said Steve Craddock, FOX Sports SVP of NASCAR Production. “A fan and peer favorite, he has proven himself seamless in translating his years of driving experience to the viewers at home.”MONSTER ENERGY NASCAR CUP SERIESFor its broadcast of the first half of the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season, FOX NASCAR is armed with seven championships’ worth of analysis and insight. For the third year, Hall of Famer and three-time champ Darrell Waltrip pairs with four-time champion Jeff Gordon in the booth for analysis, with veteran play-by-play announcer Mike Joy, covering his 43rd Daytona 500 in February, and former Daytona 500-winning crew chief Larry McReynolds with race analysis on the strength of his 43 years in the sport.Delivering stories and updates from pit road are pit reporters Jamie Little, Vince Welch, Matt Yocum and Smith. Chris Myers hosts FOX NASCAR Sunday and the network’s race coverage from the famed Hollywood Hotel alongside Michael Waltrip, Darrell Waltrip and Gordon. FOX broadcasts 10 of FOX Sports’ 16 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series races, while FS1 telecasts the remaining six.NASCAR CAMPING WORLD TRUCK SERIESFor the 16th consecutive year, FS1 offers exclusive coverage of the entire NASCAR Camping World Truck Series season. Welch calls play-by-play with veteran analysts Phil Parsons and Michael Waltrip. Hermie Sadler, Kaitlyn Vincie and Alan Cavanna deliver pit reports.NASCAR XFINITY SERIES & “Drivers Only” BroadcastThe NASCAR XFINITY Series returns to FOX Sports for the fourth consecutive season in 2018, with Adam Alexander once again handling full-time play-by-play duties alongside analyst Michael Waltrip and a rotation of prominent Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series drivers to be announced in the near future. Little, Yocum and Smith cover pit road.Additionally, FOX Sports brings back its “Drivers Only” NASCAR XFINITY Series broadcast in 2018, at a track to be announced in the near future, after a wildly successful and critically acclaimed debut in June 2017 at Pocono Raceway. Throughout the 2017 NXS season, FOX Sports featured five Cup Series drivers in the booth, offering fans a variety of knowledgeable and current viewpoints.NASCAR RACEDAYNASCAR RaceDay, FS1’s popular pre-race show, continues to deliver the excitement behind-the-scenes and up-to-the-minute reports from the garage prior to the start of each Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race. John Roberts and Myers share hosting duties, while the entire FOX NASCAR on-air team joins analysts Kenny Wallace, Jeff Hammond, Andy Petree and reporters Cavanna and Vincie.In addition, FOX Sports offers a dedicated 30-minute pre-race show immediately prior to each NASCAR XFINITY Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race. Shannon Spake returns to host NASCAR RaceDay-XFINITY with McReynolds and Wallace providing analysis. Roberts has the honors for NCWTS Setup leading into all Truck Series races with insight from two-time series champion Todd Bodine.NASCAR RACE HUBNASCAR Race Hub, FS1’s daily news and update program, continues live at 6:00 p.m. ET every Monday through Thursday. Alexander and Spake co-host the hour-long program with analysts McReynolds, Hammond and Andy Petree, who are joined by a rotating team of active drivers and crew chiefs. The duo of Cavanna and Vincie are back with daily reports from NASCAR race shops, while Roberts hosts most Thursdays.NASCAR Race Hub Weekend Edition, hosted by Roberts, is a Friday and Saturday fixture on FS1, delivering at-track updates and news as it breaks throughout the course of the race weekend.last_img read more

Q&A with new Chip Ganassi Racing driver Kurt Busch

first_imgDid you know Chip previously? Obviously you know the man through walking through garageland, but has there been any sort of relationship?Just in crossing paths. Whether it was sports car stuff when I raced in the Rolex or the time that I spent at Indianapolis running IndyCar, Chip and I always had that genuine smile and handshake when we saw each other. Then, there is Felix Sabates, who is a part owner of the team. I’ve known him over the last 15 years and we go to dinner and tell war stories together. It’s neat to jump in there.As far as the shop and the team and all that, have you got your head wrapped around that or is a bit too early?I was at the shop yesterday and we did a big announcement for the crew guys before it all went public. I think everybody was blown away by Monster’s energy level with girls brought in and product tastings of different flavors; we had a DJ with lights to kick it off. At the end of it all took the mic and said, “Guys, we’re here to win and it’s about teamwork and it’s about the dedication and commitment to making everything better.” Man, everybody absorbed it and everybody was chomping at the bit to get back to work and to polish up on all areas to take Chip Ganassi Racing to the next level.You’re back to Chevrolet in 2019. What did you make of the Cup teams running Chevy in ’18?I feel like right out of the box that Chevrolet struggled and then they made gains throughout the year and Kyle Larson was the fastest car at Darlington for the Southern 500. They didn’t quite execute on pit road to win that race. Yes, there were a few moments of speed, but what we need to have is tons more moments of speed to be in position to pick up the wins. I think that’s what everybody at Ganassi wants to do and what everybody at Chevrolet wants to do.After 20 years of all of this, you have to start all over again. You good with that?As fast as the contract came together with Chip Ganassi, that’s all the motivation I needed. He wanted me. There was a forward-thinking process through this. I mean I literally got some seats in cars yesterday and in my mindset, I felt like it was Feb. 1. I feel like Daytona is going to be next week and let’s go after this. There is no lack of motivation from me. Busch puts Monster Energy kick in Ganassi unveil00:0000:0000:00GO LIVEFacebookTwitterEmailEmbedSpeedNormalAutoplay “I wish I had all the answers,” scoffed Kurt Busch during one of the many dog days of NASCAR summer 2018 when asked what the veteran driver had going for 2019. “I love the way that Monster Energy has supported me over the years in NASCAR. They’ve told me that they’re with me and we’re going to go to a competitive top-tier team in 2019. That’s where I’m at with all this. I’m hoping it works out.”A slow train coming, it did.As we learned earlier this week, Kurt Busch will climb into the No. 1 Monster Energy Chevrolet of the Chip Ganassi Racing outfit come the drop of the green at Daytona International Speedway on Feb. 17. A former Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion, Daytona 500 winner and “That’s NASCAR” Entertainment fixture, we spoke with Busch from his winter house in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he and wife Ashley were putting in some time on her polo horses and soaking up the sun.Not sure if Richard Petty did it this way, but Kurt Busch, as we’ve all come to learn, has his own way of doing things.MORE: Busch makes big announcementThere’s been an impressive reaction to your move to Chip Ganassi Racing for 2019. The announcement seemed to wave the green flag on the rush to Daytona in a few months’ time. Thoughts?Yeah, I think it went great. There has been a lot of support and enthusiasm from the fans about the switch. To have Monster Energy and to get the No. 1 car was a cool branding moment, but at the end of the day it’s about performance and as Chip Ganassi said to me, “Kurt, I want you. I want you, as a champion, to come over to this team.” And the Stewart-Haas Racing offer that I got for ’19 wasn’t all that exciting and we bounced. We made the move. I’m really looking forward to working with, what I believe is a future champion, in Kyle Larson and using my experience to get these cars dialed-in.Do you and Kyle know one another at all?A little bit. On-track experience has been solid with the respect that he has shown me and the times that I’ve helped him on-track has been, I think, solid. Now it is time to get together outside the track simply to just share a beer and get together and hang out and tell some war stories.Jonathan Ferrey | Getty ImagesYou’re a NASCAR champion and Kyle is a potential champion. With all the collective racing wisdom and experience you’ve gleaned from a 20-year career, I would think that could be quite helpful to Kyle as well as the entire Ganassi race effort.I agree 100 percent, and for me, I felt like it was one of the reasons to make a change and move away from SHR. After 20 years in the sport, I’m not necessarily passing the torch, but at least they can utilize the experience that I have to maybe teach somebody that is willing to learn about it. At SHR they’ve got a great fold of drivers that have experience, but this is a unique opportunity. There are also some IndyCar aspirations and also some sports car aspirations that I have. The way that Ganassi jut welcomed me in with open arms, it made a lot of sense.RELATED: Rolex 24, Indy 500 starts coming for Kurt Busch?As the summer burned off and you were somewhat undecided as to where you might race in ’19, did you come to a fork in the road? It could have been SHR, it could have been Ganassi, it could have been Formula E …Yeah, I’ve been at the pros and cons intersection before. I’d stay with the team or I’d leave the team and this time around it was 99 percent pro-Ganassi when it came down to it, and so that’s how I looked forward. The decision was made pretty early this year and once we got all the little stuff settled… Man, I was running for a championship at SHR and Chip Ganassi said, “You know, while you’re still championship-eligible, we’ll just hold off on the announcement.” So that’s why it took a little bit, I looked at it like, “Man, we need to go big. We need to go with some fun and flashy announcement when we do switch.” Literally, my first day available to work for Chip Ganassi contractually was on December 1st and that’s why we launched now.last_img read more

Children Hurt in Connecticut Amusement Park Accident

first_imgNORWALK, Connecticut – Connecticut police say one adult and 12 children were taken to hospitals after an amusement ride malfunctioned at a fair, sending riders crashing into each other. (Sept. 9)last_img

EB15: Ritchey adds more cyclocross, gravel & road wheels, nifty mini tools and world’s…

first_imgEvery year, Ritchey has some new iteration of his wheels. Sometimes there’s a new disc brake option, sometimes one’s a bit wider, and so forth. For 2016, there are four new models worthy of calling out, a couple of which will make for fantastic cyclocross or gravel race hoops, and two for more traditional (or even “classic”) road bikes.Above, the new WCS Apex 38 Disc carbon wheels use their two-piece Centerlock disc hubs with all-new, disc specific 38mm deep carbon rims. They’re 18.4mm wide on the inside, and they’re tubeless ready, so they’ll pair up nicely with the also-new tubeless ready Shield WCS 700×35 tires… The rims get their own special layup and resin for the disc brake version. They’re laced 2-cross with 24 spokes on both front and rear.The Shield WCS tubeless ready tire weighs in at 398g, just 24g heavier than the non-tubeless version, and gets a 120tpi casing and dual compound rubber to be grippy in the corners and fast in the straights.The hubs use Ritchey’s offset flanges to improve spoke bracing angle and keep them from rubbing against each other. The rear hub has larger bearings on the driveside for better durability. Wheelset weight is 1,747g (827g F/920g R). Compatible with standard quick release and thru axles.A rim brake version is also available, weighing in at 1,560g (685g F/875g R), but uses the Phantom hubs (see below), which are QR only.If your game is stepped up to tubulars (though we’d argue tubeless is on the level), the new WCS Apex Carbon 36 Disc Tubulars are your wheels. They use the same hubs as the 38mm deep clinchers above, but switch to a 36mm deep, 24mm wide full carbon tubular rim. That means they’re thru-axle ready, including both 12mm and 15mm options for front. Weight is 1,571g (739g F/832g R).The SuperLogic Zeta II wheels may look like carbon at first glance, but they’re actually alloy with an electro-ceramic surface hardening treatment that both protects the rim and improves braking performance in wet conditions.Called LogiCote, it’s micron thin but should last a long time, which has the bonus effect of helping your rims last longer because the brake pads won’t wear down the sidewalls as quickly.It’s textured, but in a concentric pattern that shouldn’t make the squealing sounds that other textured braking surfaces can (Mavic, we’re looking at you…even though we love the performance of Exalith).The rims are 17mm wide on the inside, and the rear has an asymmetric profile to improve dish.These wheels claim to have Ritchey’s best stiffness to weight ratio, coming in at just 1,391g (593g F/798g R). They’re built with 20/24 DT Aero Comp spokes and alloy nipples laced to Ritchey’s Phantom Flange hubs. The hubs are impressive not just for their weights (70g F/207g R), but because they use J-bend spokes all around, have a 6-pawl, 12-point engagement and staggered driveside flange that keeps the spokes from rubbing together. On top of all that, they pop apart without tools, making them easier to pack if you’re using one of Ritchey’s growing line of Breakaway frames. How? because the freehub body can pop off with the cassette attached, letting the axle slide out and making it all very flat.For those with a classic bike that wants to keep a classic look but gain modern day performance, the Zeta alloy wheels with Phantom hubs now come in silver. For thoroughly modern, the new WCS Carbon Solostreem integrated bar/stem comes in at just 350g by molding the two parts together into an ergonomic, aerodynamic start to your cockpit. It’s available in three widths, with various stem lengths for each: 40cm (80/90/100mm), 42cm (90/100/110/120mm) and 44cm (90/100/110/120/130mm). All three have a 84º stem angle (read: -16º, or roughly flat), with 126mm drop and 75mm reach.To go with your ‘cross or gravel bike, the new Evomax handlebar comes in two flavors – WCS with triple butted 7050 alloy at 270g and Comp in double butted 6061 at 292g. It’s designed with a 12º outward flare to the drops, giving you extra wrist clearance and leverage when it’s boogie time. A slightly flattened top section with 4º backsweep makes it comfortable the rest of the time.Check our outdoor demo coverage for the full story on the new WCS XC pedals and their Trail counterpart, but here’s the nutshell: Better shoe support thanks to flattened platforms on either side of the pedal, and a fixed hook at the front makes engagement and disengagement quicker and more solid and reliable.All of the changes were the result of feedback from sponsored riders like Nino Schurter and crew…though they ended up much beefier than some of the prototypes they were running last year. That means weight went up a bit, to 298g, from the 240g per pair of the originals we tested. The new Trail version weighs in at 347g per pair thanks to the outer cage that gives you more foot support.For the non pros, there’s the new Comp pedal, which gets the same fixed front cleat hook and platforms, but in a bit heavier and much more colorful package. Weight is 331g with a cast alloy body and chromoly spindle.The new WCS TrueGrip X lock-on grips bring things about as thin as you can get. Grip diameter is just 30mm, putting just a thin layer of Kraton dual density material between your palm and the bar. Weight is 93g, width is 103mm, and they’re available in black, red, yellow, green, blue and light blue. A Comp level version provides a slip-on version that does away with the lock rings but adds pink and white colors.The star of the grip show is the new SuperLogic Ergo TrueGrip. The shape is fantastically comfortable, and it’s been available as a WCS edition before, but that one weighed in at a portly 36g without end plugs. Thanks to a new “ultra-light nano foam”, the SuperLogic version cuts that all the way down to 8.5g…for the pair!Two new tools join the collection. In the middle are the Barkeeper Levers. They tuck into your handlebar ends when not needed, saving a bit of space in your saddle bag or pocket. They weigh in at 16g and retail for $15 each, sold individually.Up front, the CPR12 mini tool combines all the basics into a light, compact package and doesn’t skimp – there’s even a chain breaker! Other tools include 2/3/4/5/6/8 hex keys, Torx T20, Phillips screwdriver, tire lever and a hidden bottle opener. Hopefully they’ll switch that to a T25 at some point, otherwise a great looking tool that’s just 92g.Ritchey also had several new items at Eurobike’s outdoor demo, including the Ascent touring bike, a steel trail hardtail mountain bike and some aggressive looking tires to go with it, and more! Check them all out here.RitcheyLogic.comcenter_img Gorgeous.Bridging the gap between classic and new is the WCS Carbon NeoClassic handlebar. It’s a modern carbon monocoque bar with matte UD finish, but its shape is the traditional round bend and long, flat lower hand position of old-school handlebars. Weight is 339g for a 42cm width. Reach is 73mm, drop is 128mm. The center section is extended so it’s compatible with clip-on aero bars and all manner of out-front computer/camera mounts.last_img read more

InterUrban ArtHouse acquires Overland Park Post Office building across the street to provide space for expansion

first_imgRendering of the new gallery space planned for the InterUrban Arthouse.The InterUrban ArtHouse, a cultural anchor in downtown Overland Park for five years, has bought the post office building across the street to allow a major expansion of its arts programs and studio space.Angie Hejduk, chief operating officer for the ArtHouse, said the acquisition of the 10,000 square-foot post office building at 8010 Conser St. was completed with the help of a $160,000 grant from the City of Overland Park.Other funding for the purchase: Anonymous, $100,000; Regnier Foundation, $75,000; Howard Jacobson, $20,000; Hal Shapiro, $10,000, and Sunderland Foundation, $100,000.Plans call for the U.S. Post Office to downsize its current operation and continue to operate a 1,000 square-foot retail facility in the building.Rendering of the community porch planned for the new InterUrban Arthouse.The remainder will be converted to a dozen studios, classroom and exhibition space, and a coffee shop. The loading dock will become a “community porch.” The move also will allow InterUrban to meet the needs of people with disabilities.Hejduk estimated the cost of the renovation at about $500,000. A fundraising effort is underway. The InterUrban ArtHouse purchased the post office building debt-free and wants to complete the renovations without debt as well. The organization currently is in rented space across the street at 8001 Conser.Owning its own space and avoiding the uncertainty of rent increases was one of the goals when Nicole Emanuel founded the ArtHouse. “She came to Kansas City with her family and found that there were only a few artist spaces in this area,” Hejduk said. “She reached out to the community and over 100 artists showed up…by owning the building, we can control our rent.”Hejduk said the InterUrban ArtHouse has been a contributor to the renaissance currently occurring in downtown Overland Park. The retail district is thriving and developments totaling more than 500 apartments are in the pipeline.“We’ve been here for several years and feel we’ve been a key component of the cultural landscape,” she said. “That’s why people are developing and creating more living options.”Hejduk also praised the City of Overland Park for its help acquiring the post office building.“The city made a substantial endorsement of arts programming in this community,” she said.The ArtHouse will continue utilizing its former rented space at 8001 Conser. A new middle school for the arts is in the works there as well, and students at the school are expected to take classes at InterUrban ArtHouse.The first event planned for the new space will be a TEDxOverland Park grand opening on the theme of Systems. It will be March 2, 2017 at 2 p.m.The InterUrban ArtHouse has acquired the post office building at 8010 Conser St. in downtown Overland Park.last_img read more